Denali Deep-Song

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The First Steps On Your Journey


Name: Denali Deep-Song

Shifter: Gurahl

Tribe: Forest Walker

Rank/Auspice: Kojubat -Adren

Notable Traits: She always smells of the forest no matter where she goes * Has a touch of the Wyld to her

Pack: Song of Saṃsāra

Society: Fera

Joyful Dance and Carrying Song

When most folk first meet Denali for the first time it is abundantly clear that she cares very deeply about a great many things. She is the first to offer her hand in help, always seems to have a smile on her face, and the one to always find the silver lining in a sky full of gray.

It is also plain to see that she has a deep-rooted curiosity about the world. In her thoughts, the world holds many secrets and wonders about it and she wishes to explore and see them all. But also, to share them with others. She makes a point to try to stay out of politics as much as possible, but that is often the way of her people, but sometimes her peculiar attachment to the wolves makes that challenging.

See the Many Forms
Denali bear.jpg

Denali is a shorter woman standing at most 5'5 tall in her well-worn hiking boots. She’s perhaps in her early thirties, but holds an air of youthfulness that belies her age. Her body has softer curves than definition but the hallmarks of the bear’s strength is there underneath it. She has the telltale marks of someone well-traveled; golden skin tanned from many days under Helios’s rays. Her clothes are often simple and loose for the sake of ease of movement, with a hooded top had been pulled up to cover her head in her travels. She wears a leather cuff and various woven bracelets with silvery charms at each wrist; with some of the same charms decorating her long and wild red hair. Her most noticeable feature though is the slightly crooked but endearing smile that lights up her face often. She wears a simple pair of glasses; Her eyes are the color of forests, wild but serene at the same time. Her presence is often calming and gentle, but there is no denying the touch of the wyld within her, nor the scent of wild flowers and the vast Redwood forests of her home no matter how far she travels. (Wyld Affinity)

While she is clearly a member of the Forest-Walker Tribe, she is one of the more uncommon “Cinnamon” Black Bears. Her thick fur is soft, with dense underfur and is colored a deep auburn brown, with light shades of reddish fur that frame her face and has a crest on her chest. On her right side there is a deep scar running lengthwise of her flank, though it doesn’t seem to have slowed her any.

Notable Markings:

  • In all forms there is a large scar that runs down her right side, from hip to her lower thigh.
  • In homid form on the left ribcage going down are white tribal tattoos that tell a story of Ursa Major.
  • On her back left shoulder blade is the harshly carved in and scarred Garou glyph for ‘The Hunt’.

Spirit Pact

Almost serving as a counter point to the lightness of her heart and warm nature, there is a rather particularly strong Death spirit that roams with her. It’s is an ever shifting and coalescing shade that moves and drifts about on the breeze. When angered it takes the horrifying shape of a bear with a skeleton head and with two deep pits for eyes. This is clearly one of Mangi’s brood.
Death bear 2.jpg