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Dennis name.jpg
Dennis pic1.jpeg
Deed Names "The Cub Who Lived"
"Forges the Future"
Rank Fostern
Sept Wayward Caern
Positions None
Pack #SquadGoals
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Species Garou
Auspice Ahroun
Tribe Get of Fenris
Breed Homid
OOC Information
Player Tim Brandner
MES# US2012090039
VSS Location Texas

Commonly Known Information

Basic Information and Personality

Name: Dennis, sometimes called "Dennis the Get"

Deed Names: "The Cub Who Lived", "Forges the Future"

Information: Dennis was born on two legs under the full moon.He is a Fostern of the Fenrir and he resides at Wayward Caern. He owes allegiance to neither social camp is a packmember of #SquadGoals. He has no known last name.

Notable Traits: Dennis is a fighter by nature, possibly leading him to choose the Get of Fenris as his tribe, even before he knew it was his heritage to do so. He is strong, charismatic, occasionally witty, somewhat arrogant, and fiercely loyal. He is known to be rather overconfident, charging into a situation head first, but has become more careful and deliberate as he has grown. Although he is young in the eyes of the nation, beginning his journey as a Cub in May of 2017, he strives to prove himself. He feels no fear, is deadly in combat, is known for his pointed sarcasm and sass, and is an up and coming leader of the Nation.


Homid Appearance: Dennis can usually be found wearing a tan T-shirt and bluejeans. He has been known to wear hardened leather armor covered in Nordic runes into battle. He stands just under six feet tall, usually has sun-tanned skin, and has short brown hair with glasses. He's not bad on the eyes either. When his shirt comes off (watch out ladies) he has a long battle scar of a burn stretching from his left shoulder down his chest. He usually stands straight up, with a dominant posture.

Lupine Appearance: Dennis' fur is smokey grey with streaks of white down the back, joining just above his tail and turning his entire tail white. His underbelly is white as well, with a streak of black, singed fur corresponding to his battle scar.

Apparent Age: 23

Actual Age: Unknown

Pack - "Muh Gurls"

Pack: #SquadGoals

Known History

Before Chronicle Start

  • None. Odd...

After Chronicle Start


  • August 2017: Dennis arrived at the Sept of Clear Waters in Omaha, NE. This was his first known interaction with the Garou Nation.


  • December 2018: When learning from a Fenrir spirit, Dennis was given a sign in the form of a broken turtle shell.
  • January 2018: Dennis took his Rite of Passage.
  • March 2018: Dennis took part in a failed siege against a hive. He fought a one-on-one battle against an Athro Black Spiral Dancer, receiving his first battle scar when a second BSD intervened and hit Dennis with fire.
  • March 2018: Dennis was declared Reckless for refusing to accept aid during his BSD fight.
  • May 2018: Dennis traveled with a large quest party to Tolba's Realm to learn more about Turtle's fall to the Wyrm.
  • August 2018: Dennis traveled with many of previous party members to confer with Luna. There they met the spirit Selene, whom they helped cure of her blindness by granting her their own sight.
  • September 2018: Dennis embarked on a quest to aid another Garou in crafting a Klaive. This quest took them into a old-fashioned Doom style video game world. The intended recipient died before the quest was complete, and the Klaive now belongs to WaZ.
  • November 2018: Dennis aided the D.C. area Garou on Plague Day. He left town with a set of thunderwyrm teeth.
  • November-December 2018: Dennis was frequently spotted in Texas during this time.
  • December 2018: In New Jersey where the Wyrm was trying to seize a Caern Seed, a group of Gaian warriors had taken a Moon Bridge to defend the seed. A second group was being dispatched to break through enemy lines and extract those defenders. Dennis joined a small strike force whose goal was to distract the Wyrm forces and lure them away to a nearby town. They succeeded in helping the main force breach to the Caern Seed, Dennis took down a BSD Theurge during the fight.
  • December 2018 - February 2019: Dennis helped Claws of Fenris' might accomplish her Elder Quest, delaying his own Fostern challenge in order to do so.


  • January 2019: Dennis helped assault the "Pit of Paradise," a hive in Wales where he intercepted a number of attacks directed at other Gaians. He fell to a baelfire attack, but was successfully healed after the fight was won.
  • February 2019: While a Sept in Salt Lake City is under siege and the locals try to extract the seed, Dennis helps a force trying to distract the Wyrm forces. He takes down a number of Formore and Skull Pigs, wading so far into them that a Gurahl had to literally peel a Wyrm-tained raptor spirit from Dennis' back.
  • June 2019: Dennis relocated to Wayward Caern.
  • June 2019: Dennis completes his Fostern challenge, a Dog Fight that tasked him to wrestle two Elder Ahroun of Fenrir, and undergoes the rites.
  • July 2019: Dennis was present for the * marriage of Claws of Fenris Might, and Elder Fenrir, for which Valka One-Eye was present.
  • August 2019: Dennis begins investigating a supposed BSD pack appearing new Wayward Caern, some of whom matched the description of the BSD pack running the hive when he was in Omaha.
  • October 2019: Dennis participated in the Des Moines hive dive against the pack that killed Unicorn.
  • November 2019: Dennis led a group of Garou to finish off the BSD pack that had been terrorizing Wayward Caern, having led a small strike team that took out four members the month before. The battle culminated with Dennis landing finishing blow against their Elder pack leader, the exact same then-Athro BSD that Dennis had fought one-on-one almost two years earlier.
  • December 2019: Dennis was present for Valka One-Eye's challenge for High King.

Other Information


  • Dennis was once stolen from a Slap Moot by a Nuwisha so she could take Dennis to the Battlegrounds.
  • Danger follows wherever Dennis goes. A pack of Black Spiral Dancers has been spotted in almost every Sept where Dennis has stayed.
  • Months before his arrival in Omaha, there were reported sightings of someone matching Dennis' description in Des Moines, IA.
  • Dennis has a peculiar familiarity with college sorority life.
  • Less than zero humor. Can’t take a joke and can’t give one. - That Asshole
  • Dennis is in possession of an ancient Coyote artifact, a powerful fetish which legend says will be wielded by a great, young warrior. The fetish has the power to stop the Apocalypse, and can only be used at the exact moment the Apocalypse begins.
  • Dennis first arrived in Omaha with writing on his stomach in permanent marker. It told him to "Go to Omaha, find the Get." It was in Dennis' handwriting, but he has no idea how it got there.
  • Dennis never speaks of his life before he began his journey towards Omaha.
  • Dennis never speaks of his family, although some say it's because of a dark secret, while others speculate that there is a Stargazer in his line.
  • He was once scolded by his Alpha for journeying to another Sept as a Cub, without permission or notification, in order to fight Nazis.
  • He is constantly followed around by some rather unorthodox ancestor spirits. It's questionable whether or not those spirits are mad.
  • He takes things far too literally and seriously, so his betters have been encouraging him to seek out some colorful companionship.
  • Dennis once asked a pack of Ajaba if he could join.
  • He is usually found carrying a rubber duck in his pocket. It's purpose is a mystery.
  • He once made Thyra so angry after moving to the Wayward Caern, she's had him cleaning chicken coops since.
  • Someone //swears// they saw him push Albrecht back into the portal to the Eater of Souls.
  • Dennis killed his own father.

Known Associates

  • Elder Balances-The-Ways
  • Riley the Nuwisha
  • Grace O'Malley
  • Annika Gerber

Known Rivals


Quotes about Dennis

  • Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him. But I always try to learn from and as well as teach him - Raven, Uktena Kinfolk

  • The kid’s got a lot of pluck... but not too much going on between the ears. He jumped into a Thunderwyrm’s hole. Mouth facing his way. Just hopped on in there. He’ll either go far, or he’ll end up doing something fatally stupid. Jury’s out on which way it’ll go for him, but I wish him the best of luck.* - Carrion Crowe

  • Perhaps the new armour will help him survive a little longer. I hope so as I would like to get to know him as a grown man if he has the time to let me. Annika Freida Gerber

  • He lets his opinions heard that much is clear. He is a Modi Fenrir so this does not shock me. I have heard some tales now I will see him in action first hand." - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg

  • "I might be seeing more of you soon, fierce one. Thank Coyote for calorie-free Tulpa popcorn." - 'Spector

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Quotes by Dennis

  • "I once beheld a spirit of Fenrir, the most powerful I had ever seen. He sought me out to teach me the ways of my kin. When he departed, he left in his place a broken turtle shell. He said, 'Remember always that anger does not always hurt the ones we want.' I think it was trying to tell me something..."

  • "There isn't a problem in the world that a swift punch to the throat won't solve."

  • "I am one of the best fighters here, if not the best."

  • "You know, if you had told me six months ago that I would find my best self by hanging around a bunch of leggy, mouthy cheerleaders, I would have assumed you were making fun of me and jacked you in the face. You also would have been right."

  • "Just because you don't like what I said doesn't make me any less right."

  • "And this is why we stop and make a plan before running in head first ... Ew. Why did I say that? What have you people done to me?"

  • "It isn't my fault I offended her! Somebody has to tell me better before I can know better."

Dennis' Playlist

  • "Perfect" - Simple Plan
  • "Underclass Hero" - Sum41
  • "Demons" - Imagine Dragons
  • "Check Yes Juliet" - We the Kings
  • "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" - The Offspring
  • "When You Were Young" - The Killers
  • "Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon
  • "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" - Barbara Streisand (Yentl)
  • "So What" - P!nk
  • "With Me" - Sum41

OOC Information

Player: Tim Brandner

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kitty Correa

Storyteller Email: