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“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
― Gustav Mahler

Denver Court
Prince: Simon St John
Seneschal: Edward Harllow
Sheriff: Vacant
Scourge: Vacant
Harpy: Elder Tzadkiel
Keeper: Viola

Brujah: Coming Soon
Gangrel: Jethro Graves
Malkavian: Rodney
Nosferatu: Notitia
Toreador: Coming Soon
Tremere: Coming Soon
Ventrue: Vacant

Denver Residents

Regular Visitors

Welcome to Denver, Colorado

Prince: Simon St John, Elder of Clan Ventrue

Sect: Camarilla

Region: North Central

Notable Locations

Declared Elysiums

Denver History

Union Station.jpg

Mile High City. Queen City of the West. City of the Plains. Wall Street of the West.

No matter its moniker, Denver has served as an agricultural hub, major railway connection, outpost before crossing the Rocky Mountains and an instrumental role in the western expansion of the United States. It is for these reasons, among many, that the Ventrue have always kept an eye on the jewel of Colorado. This attention did not go unnoticed, though. The Anarchs, ever watchful for opportunity to spread rebellion and rhetoric of a free tomorrow, doggedly nipped at the heels of the clan of Kings.

Biding their time, the Kings waited as the Anarchs conducted the heavy lifting of setting infrastructure and kindred control. When the time was right, Malcolm Brown and a contingent of the Ivory Tower stepped in, set roots and called into form a praxis. The Anarchs had little recourse then to step back and allow history to progress, all the while doing what their Camarilla antagonists had done before them – bide their time.

The spark of rebellion fired in the hearts of the Anarchs as word spread of the revolt in California. Mobilizing, conflict erupted over the next ten years, undermining the praxis and leaving Prince Brown and his court vulnerable to roaming packs of Sabbat who encroached from the west. In a terrible and bloody night in 1960, Brown steps down, ceding the once proud Camarilla domain to the Anarch Movement. Skirmishes continue for a time, as the Camarilla withdraws from the city, save for Brown and a few of his most staunch followers. The disgraced former Prince goes quiet.

The Red Star comes and goes and with it a great deal of panic and unrest as to the future of all kindred. The Sword of Caine, unified under Archbishop Thomas Wright, refused to be diminished and instead took the Red Star as a sign of encouragement to escalate their war against the Anarchs of Denver. This was further complicated as mortal hunters began to organize, thus forcing a two-front war for the Movement. But an unlikely hero would rise out of the conflict; James Gunderson and his gang, “Twelve Hungry Men” answer the clarion call of battle and thwarted the Sabbat incursion. Calling the Movement to go to ground, Gunderson begins the arduous process of scrubbing the signs of vampiric conflict from the city in order to dispel the ever-looming hunter presence.

Gunderson holds tightly to the Barony as the Chicago Blood Accord brings a universal sigh of relief to the ancient conflict between the Sabbat and the rest of kindred kind. But the peace for Gunderson would not last long, as indictments against his methods and brutality start to escalate. Members of his gang begin to perish, undermining his security and sanity. The loss of his once infamous gang is too much for him to bear and he withdraws from society, leaving a power vacuum in his wake. A new Baron is elected and the Movement struggles to regain its sense of civility and social standing it once enjoyed. The path to restoration is slow, as tensions begin to grow with the Camarilla domain to the south in Colorado Springs. The former Prince Brown’s estate is burned to the ground, the cause unknown. There is no sign of the once powerful Ventrue Elder and it is presumed that he was slain. The Movement crippled with in-fighting and dissention in their ranks become a shadow of the glory of Gunderson’s rule.

As 2018 draws to a close, a new figure from the Ivory Tower turns his eye towards the Mile High City. Robert Lancaster, reported sire of Malcolm Brown rouses himself to re-establish a Camarilla praxis. Prestation begins to flow as calls to allies and debtors draw a new host of hungry kindred to make their names and fortune in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.

For more regarding the past history of Denver - History of the Denver Domain

Recent Timeline

  • 2017: Elliot of Short Term Parking is elected Advocate of the Barony of Denver.
  • 2017: Tensions with Colorado Springs grow as their Praxis holder is seen to be extorting boons from Anarchs and their Harpy makes public challenges.
  • 2017: Barony of Denver is faced with a Camarilla incursion led by Malcome Brown. The Ventrue's assault is repelled and the former Prince is delivered final death after repeated attempts at peace.
  • 2017: Elysium of Colorado Springs is violated and blame is laid at the feet of Denver Anarchs.
  • 2018: Lucius a Lasombra-Anti is elected as the next Advocate. The hope of closer ties with Colorado Springs begins.
  • 2018: Attempts to Bloodhunt Anarchs in Colorado Springs results bloodshed. The Scourge ends up dead at the hands of his own and the Seneschal torpored by Anarchs. A loose peace is negotiated due to the arrival of the Sabbat in the Springs.
  • 2018: Rumors of abuse of power and murder of kindred encircling Elliot's time as Advocate resulting in a call for Trial. On the Date of Trial, Officers do not show and the matter is left unaddressed.
  • 2018: The Sabbat show themselves again in Denver on an official level, offering to be peaceful with the Anarchs.
  • 2018: Unrest in the ranks of the Anarchs fractures the Barony. Former Advocate Lucien hands Denver over to the Camarilla.
  • 2018: Robert Lancaster, Elder of the Ventrue arrives in Denver. A call goes out to numerous Kindred of the Camarilla that their aid is requested in the reclamation of the City.
  • 2019: Having concluded his investigation, Prince Lancaster relinquishes his Praxis and places his support behind James Carnaby. James Carnaby becomes Prince of Denver.
  • 2019: Prince Carnaby declares Luminary Elder Josef Adamcyzk Bloodhunted and Forsaken for plotting. Josef Adamczyk is killed on the same night a Caitiff Anarch was given mercy for perceived threats to the traditions.
  • 2019: The Anarch Caitiff Cricket Crumb, under Prince Lancaster was found in violation of domain courtesies. Photographing kindred was seen as a possible threat to the masquerade. She was ordered bound to the Scourge as punishment. Anarchs informed then Seneschal Carnaby that blood bonds are seen as slavery and would be met with repercussions. Prince Carnaby enforced the discouraged punishment and Cricket Crumb was ordered to drink from the Scourge.

Speculation about Denver


  • Denver's airport is home to some sort of New World Order or secret organization - the Ventrue are blamed for this.
    Blucifer Sculpture.png
  • Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation, with over 200 different beers brewed daily making feeding for hipster vampires quite the novelty. IPA drinking mortals are a local favorite.
  • Blue Mustang, known to locals by the nickname Blucifer, is a cast-fiberglass sculpture of a mustang located at Denver International Airport. Colored bright blue, with illuminated glowing red eyes, it is notable both for its striking appearance and for having killed its creator Luis Jiménez when a section of it fell on him at his studio..
  • The first permanent structure in Denver was not a hospital, bank or house—it was a saloon... owned by a Setite.
  • In Denver’s rarified air, golf balls go about 10% farther than they would at sea level, making Ventrue night golfing that much more competitive.
  • The 1976 Winter Olympics were originally going to be held in Denver. However, after the community voted against it, the city withdrew their bid, making it the first place to ever turn down hosting the Olympics. The Anarchs are credited for this choice.
  • In 1902, the police at Denver Union Station started enforcing a “no kissing” rule on platforms because it slowed down the trains, it's rumored that this was a Nosferatu prank against the Torreador.


  • "Denver is a city that will be far more defined by its future than its past." - Gov. Hickenlooper
  • "Let me tell you what, you need to know this. When you're in Denver, life has a lot in common with summer vacation. You know, hand to God, it feels like it'll never end, until it ends just a little too soon." - Cricket Crumb
  • Quote here.

Information for Visiting Vampires

When seeking to enter the city for business or attendance to called court, it is customary to make one’s intentions known well before hand. This is to insure a peaceful and welcoming greeting from the Scourge and all those who value the sanctity of domain.

Adherence to the customs of the court are highly encouraged. As the old saying goes, “ignorance is no excuse.”

Known Customs of the Denver Court

  • Photography is seen to be a threat to the Masquerade/Traditions.
  • Prince Carnaby nor Harpy Byli have made any other Courtesies known at this time.

OOC Notes

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Venue Information

Storyteller: Selina O Berg
AVST: Brook Ostberg
AVST: Mike Torrey
AVST: Alaric Reeves
AVST: Rob Purdy
AVST: Adam Lake
AVST: Stacey Deloria

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