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Name: Desiree Maddox

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 28

Eyes: Serpent like

Clan: Gangrel

Bloodline: Coyote

Sect: Anarch

City: Nassau, Bahamas

Occupation: Veternarian specializing in exotic animals

Notable Traits: Scales scattered around her arms and neck, Snakes follow her everywhere.


Desiree Maddox is a Veterinarian that specializes in exotic animals. Despite her addiction to hallucinogens, it does not affect her work. The night she was embraced had been her first night off from work in over a year.

Growing up she didn't have to ask for anything. A pretty normal childhood it was only when she began showing an interest in animals that things changed, especially when she argued for nearly three years to get a pet snake.

Veterinary School had been difficult but through stubbornness and determination, Desiree completed it and even took some time to do a residency within one of the cities animal shelters.

It was only as she partied the night away that everything changed. Part of a mass embrace by Sabbat she now finds her life completely turned on its head. More serpent-like than even vampire she is currently under the care of the local Anarchs as she tries to come to terms with what just happened.



1990: Born to a normal, middle-class family.

2008: Begins Veterinary School.

2012: Moves to the city and begins a residency at a local animal shelter.

2017: Opens her own veterinary clinic, specializing in exotic pets.

2018: Mass embraced by Sabbat but is now under the care of the Anarchs.


- She had been so close to being a Setite, yet somehow the Gangrel blood runs deep...she is an anomaly.

- Her clinic is actually a Gangrel hospital.

- Desiree is a serpent who acts like a human or tries to...

- Is the esteemed subject of a local King who has beady little eyes everywhere.

- She's secretly a raccoon, and the scales are cunning prosthetics to make you think otherwise.

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"I'm not her Sire, at least I'm very sure I'm not. But she's family, so I might as well be, mess with her and you'll regret it." - Jedrek

"Pleasant company, wonderful conversation. She got rather defensive of me without knowing me all that well. That was an unexpected and welcome change to my nightly routine." - Phoenix

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- Jedrek, a Trash Panda King with many, many childe.

- Phoenix, a quiet and secretive person now indebted to Desiree.

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Player: Kate Wadey

Story Teller: VST

Location: Virtual, Nassau, Bahamas

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