Desmond Aldred

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Desmond Aldred

Other Titles: Lord Everard, the Lion of the West, the Blind Lion

Notable Traits: Blind, known for being a shrewd politician, well-known for being a former military tactician.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue

IC Information

Desmond Aldred is an ancient Ventrue Luminary, rumored to be approaching 2000 years of age. In that time, the Elder has lived a long, storied, and interesting life, and has become known for his ability to completely shift focuses and remake himself in the wake of tragedies. Where most men would admit defeat or weakness, Desmond has reforged himself again and again in the ashes of what he's had to leave behind, and has become a force to be reckoned with for it. Once a military tactician and strategist, Desmond was captured and tortured by Tzimisce during the Anarch Revolt and due to their 'tender ministrations' was left blinded in the wake of his rescue - thus causing the Ventrue to shift his military mindset and tactical outlook to the purely political spectrum.

Ventrue Only Information

In terms of Clan Ventrue, Desmond is known as one of the childer of Julia Antasia, and is known for being a staunch adherent to her philosophies and viewpoints. Rumor has it that if he is still pressed to give his faction in these Modern Nights, the Elder would smile and still reply "Antasian". He has made a name for himself supporting the ideals and dreams of his sire and applying them to Clan Ventrue's successes, and continues to do so into the modern nights.


  • "Desmond is everything you would expect of an Elder Ventrue and more. He is noble, charming, and unyielding. His memory is long and unforgiving. Sharing the same city with him is such a joy." ~ Donzella Costigan
  • "Min venn er den beste av hans klan. Det har vært min glede å hjelpe ham med sin vei." - |Olaf
  • "We are all of us born with different talents. Gifts unique to our being. Elder Desmond brings more to the world than many know - and is a man I have the pleasure of saying I've had the honor of serving. I look forward to our continued relationship." - |Simon Flint
  • "A man who wears gold well." - |Roman
  • "That blind fella? Oh aye, you can tell he's the head Ventrue around here 'cause when one of his "lessers" starts talkin to ya and you walk right past 'em to talk to Desmond they don't even get mad. Ha!" - |Buzzard
  • "An old friend and fellow collector of the rare and antique, may Allah ever watch his steps." - Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
  • "One of the few wonders to come out of that miserable province. I just wish he'd stop wearing that silly face paint." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "He and I have had an uneasy understanding for over a century and we have some how managed to stay out of each others way until recently. Let's hope it stays that way." - Bjorn Olafson
  • "I have deep and unwavering respect for his shining example of the finest of the Clan of Kings." - Seamus Montague
  • "Most of us are simply pass through history, but Desmond Aldred IS history." - Xavier Langston
  • "I sang the tune, without the words. And never stopped at all." - Mila Rurik
  • "The very pinnacle of the Clan of Kings, others should aspire to his example." - Rikard Bouwman
  • "Mon grand-père Desmond est exemplaire à l'esprit, l'éthique, les manières, la résolution, et est un phare pour notre ménage. Il est l'épithète de ce qu'il faut pour être un roi. J'espère que je peux être la moitié de l'aîné, il est une nuit." -Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson
  • "Sommigen zien alleen wat hun ogen toestaan ​​om te observeren; Hij heeft geleerd om dieper te kijken." - The Iron Mask
  • "As fond as I am of Elder Aldred, my heart hurts every time I see him. Would that I could do more to ease his pain. Truly, he embodies the strength of the Clan of Kings." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "First night I saw him, he made one of the smartest deals I'd seen in a good while. The gent knows the dance, that's for certain." - Maxine Chambers
  • "Dear Sweet Elder, turn your ear, so I may whisper a bit more before it. Let your fingers touch upon the art I have created, and know that you can feel it through there. As ever, you are too wonderful." - Nathaniel West
  • "Defending Luminary Elder Aldred was the greatest honor I have known in the Tower. He is a beacon for our kind, and granting me his favor was payment too great for a service I deemed as a personal honor." - Eli Zook
  • "One of the most brilliant minds in Camarilla society. If he thinks you worthy of his time, you should do your best not to disappoint him." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Desmond is noble in the truest sense of the word, the lofty ideals of what it was meant to be. Here is one who would engage with cunning and valor for no more reason than it is right to stand against the darkness. The Clan of Kings has their rock. I only hope they are wise enough to build their church upon it." - Amyntas
  • "You know, the scepter is a symbol of power derived from the weapon known as a mace; thusly illustrating that all true authority and power extends first from violence and strength of arms. It is worthwhile to note that Desmond was not handed his authority or his right to hold a scepter." - Simon Kensington
  • "Lions do not hunt by sight. They hunt by scent, and noise. In his case, he does not need to see what you do. His claws and fang can reach you just as easily." - Skoll
  • "Elder Aldred makes remarkably sound investments, increasing their value, and thus his own value. When we meet, I am all too happy to fill his world with the music he needs." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "I once saw Elder Aldred stand up against three werewolves, THREE WEREWOLVES, like it was no big thing, like he was talking to some random neonate. It was the most bad ass thing I've ever seen. The clanking of that man's balls heralds his approach" - Holly Wood
  • "It was a delightful night of Chess that I'm not sure the beloved Elder was prepared for..." --Ilythia DuVal
  • "If I may? I am grateful every evening that he's the head of our line. Don't seem too often people take kindly to a little salt on top of the truth, and he's never had so much as an unkindness by way. It's because of him that we got The Marquess, too, and dearest? Light in my heavens? You sweet honeysuckle? I'd drag half a court to the gates of Hel for her sake. So, you got something that needs saying about Elder Aldred? You best keep it kindly around these hands. Elder Aldred is too kind, too gracious, too good to dirty his hands. I ain't." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "المكفوفين بطرق أكثر من واحد." - Salomé St. John
  • "Έχω γνωρίσει πολλούς αρπακτικούς, αλλά ποτέ τέτοιο ευγενές λιοντάρι, όπως ο παλαιότερος Aldred. Είναι πολύ ευγενικός και υπομονετικός μαζί μου, ακόμη και όταν έχει ένα σταθερό από άλλα νεογνά που φωνάζουν για την προσοχή του. Είμαι ευγνώμων για αυτό που με δίδαξε.." - Pollux Xenos


  • Desmond has broken the heart of many a young kindred who thought to gain his fancy.
  • Since the early 1990s, Desmond has requested that music be playing in places he frequents. Nobody is quite sure why this sudden change - but his ire at silence has become more noteworthy over time.
  • Some say he has the heart of a Lasombra locked away.
  • As a young Neonate, Desmond served under a Roman Ancilla known for rampant debauchery. Some even say they were lovers.
  • Has paid a startling amount of boons to the local Anarchs over the years, and those Anarchs are looking to collect on something BIG.
  • Has retainers for the sole purpose of vicariously enjoying the view of a sunrise over the countryside.
  • Two nights....Two millennia..
  • Rumor here.
Desmond Aldred

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Position: None
Domain: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Johnathan Fii - US2013090109