Desolate Temujin the One-Eye

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Character Information
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Imnir/Storm Lords
Honorary Spirit Rank: •••••
Cunning: ••
Glory: ••
Honor: •••••
Purity •••••
Wisdom •••••
Location: New Zealand
Pack: The Silver Horde
Player: Joseph
Storyteller: David

Commonly Known Information

Name: Desolate Temujin The One-Eye

Notable Traits:
Of mixed ancestry (Russo-Vietnamese and Mongolian). Educated in a Buddhist temple, raised in Maori shamanistic traditions.
Well-spoken, Abrasive asshole, Crazy hobo, Often carries a burlap sack.
Tattoos: Russian Mafiya, Chinese Triad, Yakuza, American 1%, and Kirituhi.


Temujin is the result of generations of selective breeding, indoctrination, and philosophy to create the strongest of Imnir warrior-kings. Here, at the farthest reaches, a monastic tradition once existed to train future war leaders who would strive into the darkness of the shadow and challenge the deadliest of spiritual prey. Those who died standing were given honors that blended Forsaken, Maori, and Western beliefs, while those who survived would one day go on to be luminaries among the three pillars; molded by sea and storm, burning heat, and biting winds.

But no longer.

In the fall, they were all lost. Women, children, young warriors and elder champions, consumed in the disaster of the fall. All except Temujin - The Desolate One - abandoned by Luna to wander the ruins of what once was. Unfortunately he is not storyteller, his people's history will die with him. He has neither the cunning, the purity, nor the wide honor to forge a new empire. All that remains is the witch's wisdom, and the spiteful dedication to restore the shadow to what it once was before he falls to death and joins his brothers and sisters in the halls of the brave. With the guidance of his totem he will wrestle the universe into the shape of his liking. He is the center of the wheel: all things revolve around him. He is the only god to which he answers, his strength the greatest strength. There is no value in things greater than what he gives it, no glory greater than that which springs forth from his actions.

His people are slain, but their iron will is unbroken, even in the face of death.


Temujin in jail
  • Sometimes he comes off as a crazy hobo, other times he's a well spoken tactician. - Lucia
  • "Grumpy? Who says I'm grumpy?" - Temujin
  • "Now is the winter of Temujins discontent. or rather it will be." - Wyllt
  • "Do you have any alcohol? Something very strong." - to Ava Li
  • "I suppose I am somewhat disappointing now then." - to Ava Li
  • "He is wise, and stubborn, and the best at what he does, and maybe if he weren't all of those things he would be easier to get along with, but then we wouldn't need him so much." - Everlight
  • "From what I overheard... "Lady Everlight talked to Temujin and he said he didn't do it" - Prince of Cats
  • "Um. Well. M-meeting Mr. Temujin was quite the cultural exchange. I s-still don't really understand what happened, but he was very nice about it. Just because he's different doesn't mean we can't get along." - Spindle
  • Quote Here. - Name


  • Grumpy Wolf
  • Frostbit Wolf
  • Add your own

Deeds of Renown

  • Temujin was chosen by Luna to bear the Auspice of Ithaeur.
  • Temujin passed the initiation rite to become a Storm Lord.
  • Temujin was able to prove his Wisdom to his mentor The Black Dragon by the admission that there were things Temujin did not know .
  • Temujin provided an alternative means of victory during a Sacred Hunt which preserved life and the secrecy of the Forsaken.
  • Temujin took part in the negotiations which brought The Queen's Hand into the Compact.
  • Temujin sought out the aid of the Children against the Pure during the Massacre of the Forsaken.
  • Temujin gave public honor to the Pure, respecting their accomplishments.
  • Temujin led The Silver Horde to victory against the spirit of Dark Waters, capturing it without loss of life or cost to the pack.
  • Temujin has maintained his Harmony in spite of mortal interference and taking a human mate.
  • Temujin has convinced many people of his madness while living as a hobo.
  • Temujin has feigned weakness to the enemies of the Pack, creating a stronger position for their eventual conquest and retaking of the territory.
  • Temujin encountered and brought one of the First Born, Winter Wolf (Skollis-Ur), before his packmates.


  • The List
  • Crazy homeless guy, seriously.
  • Is sleeping with Brighid Kildare.
  • Is sleeping with Ava Li
  • Is sleeping with Lady McKenzie
  • Temujin is a pimp.
  • Temijin is responsible for everything.
  • Temujin is Jack the Book Ripper, and has killed dozens of librarians.
  • According to Ava, he "knocks up the fish."
  • Temujin dated Loralei Deirdre.
  • Temujin is sleeping with Director Everlight.
  • Temujin slept with Ally McGee and that's why she's crazy.
  • Temujin broke up with Ally McGee because she said he was too crazy for her.
  • Rumored he gave Lady McKenzie the name Dark Aunt.
  • Temujin has VIP access to the Harem of the Lord of the Dead.
  • Rumored his woman Ava Li got Lady McKenzie all wet,and was not there to play
  • Rumor here.


  • Three Inches of Blood - Premonition of Pain
  • Urban Country - Gonna Need a Grave
  • Beast in Black - Beast in Black
  • Ramallah - Days of Revenge
  • Disturbed - The Vengeful One
  • Soil - Pride
  • Iced Earth - Ten Thousand Strong
  • Three Inches of Blood - Revenge is a Vulture
  • Motorhead - God Was Never On Your Side
  • The Heavy - What Makes a Good Man
  • Hanggai - The Rising Sun
  • Miike Snow - Genghis Khan
  • Soundcritters - Haka War Chant
  • Bruce Dickinson - The Tower
  • Galaktikon - Become the Storm
  • Disturbed - I'm Alive
  • Turisas - Ten More Miles
  • Battle Beast - Bastard Son of Odin
  • Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
  • Alice Cooper - Simple Disobedience
  • Alice Cooper - Step on You
  • Alien Weaponry - Kai Tangata
  • Nagual - Ka Mate

OOC Information

Player: Joseph McKeever US2005075730

Player Email:

Storyteller: David Musgrove

Storyteller Email:

Location: Auckland, New Zealand