Devlin Archer

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Devlin Archer


=== Access Granted ===

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: Unknown

Status: Acknowledged, Noble, Honorable, Loyal, Favored, Courageous

Aliases: Sigma 7, Overwatch

Lineage: Unknown

=== Accessing History ===

=== The Dark Web ===

  • It has been rumored that Archer is an Anarch infiltrator.
  • It's been heard that Archer was responsible for the "1201" and "1202" guidance system alarms that plagued the Apollo 11 moon landing in an effort to actually stop the landing.
  • There are whispers that Archer is attempting to implant cybernetic and bio technological enhancements on himself.

=== Data Stream ===

  • "Sufficiently dedicated to walk willingly into hell on earth armed with nothing but a laptop and smile. Resourceful enough to return in triumph." - Kasper Towarzek
  • "I used to change my mind on a daily basis as to whether Primogen Archer liked me or wanted to kill me. To be honest with you, I'm now convinced that he has neither the patience nor the energy to do either." - Torben Kleiber
  • "Sweet Jack in the box Jesus! I'm glad I'm in your clan!" - Krieger Sauer
  • "Hey, Archer? Which lab is that alarm coming from?" - Gabriel Price
  • "I can definitely work with Archer. When you’re patrolling a room and you see someone across from you doing the same, you befriend the mirror." - Maris Bell
  • "Learn. To. DODGE!" - Niko Koskinen, after a battle with some infernalists.
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=== The Network ===

=== Electronic Sound ===

  • Digital World: Amaranthe
  • Rising Up: Young Guns
  • Faction 9: Celldweller
  • Roots: In This Moment
  • Live Like Legends: Ruelle
  • Faction 5: Celldweller
  • Here Comes the Reign: Les Friction
  • ShutEmDown1: Celldweller
  • Bring it On: Zardonic
  • Don't Get In My Way: Zack Hemsey

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Scott Barnes

Player Email:

Storyteller: Harold "Rusty" Bukoski

Storyteller Email:

Location: Omaha, NE