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Commonly Known Information

Name: Dez Fury

Notable Traits: Punk Rocker with a denim vest paying tribute to the Sex Pistols.

Society: NA

Clan: Brujah


Dez was embraced while on tour with the Sex Pistols in Texas working as a Roadie. He stayed under Accounting for a traditional amount of time. When he was released he found himself traveling around to stop Sabbat incursions. This led him to Orange County in the mid-'90s where he was able to help take back the Domain. He planted roots there, with a strong punk rock presence among the disenfranchised working-class living in the shadow of the upper crust of one of the most affluent areas in Southern California. Dez was forced to become Primogen by the original Brujah Prince of the area, DeAvilla in 2017. After DeAvilla betrayed the Camarilla, Dez has found himself at the center of every Prince that has sat in Orange County after DeAvilla, now up to himself.

Dez is known to be very strong headed and stands by his ideals. Sometimes he can seem an unreasonable force when it comes to ideals, but after a spirited debate, he is willing to see alternate perspectives. In this way, he is very much a Brujah.

Dez still dresses like a Punk Rocker, down to the "War Vest". He's often mistaken as an Anarch because of his anti-authoritative demeanor and rebel like personality. In fact, he remains Camarilla, even when presented with the opportunity to leave. Punk Rock is a lifestyle and doesn't mean Anarch.


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OOC Information

Player: Chris DiAngelo

Player Email:

Storyteller: Bryan

Storyteller Email:

Location: Orange County, CA