Dhakiat Bkthyr Najah Bahir

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Dhakiat Bkthyr Najah Bahir, or Dhaki for short. Aida if you want to get all personal

Notable Traits: Dhaki is in her early thirties but bears early signs of wrinkles and more than a couple gray hairs sprinkled in

Pack: KouldjaNaht

Society: Silent Striders be neutral, yo

Sept: Phoenix. We'll get to naming it one of these days, promise.


Dhaki was raised in Phoenix as the daughter of a noteworthy Strider Elder. When her mother died and the sept fell apart due to infighting she took off for a few months to collect herself before diving into the Nation with both feet. She attained three ranks in two years and called for members of the old sept to come and remember those they had lost. One thing led to another and now she's chief cat-herder of Phoenix (no offense to the cat fera)


  • She understands Corax, and pays properly for information. In jewelry. And other shiny things.

Quotes About and By

  • "Just call me Dhaki."-Dhaki
  • "Don't die. If you're a Cub, that is your job. Don't die." -Dhaki
  • "Sometimes, walking the middle of the road is the hardest. Balancing two disagreeing groups is a strain no one wants. Dhaki handles it well." - Remembers the Dance
  • "I remember Dhaki as a punk ragabash when we first met. Now, her tolerance and strength lead a Sept. It's amazing what wisdom comes with age and a flashdrive full of granny porn." - Flux
  • "The Alpha's courtesy was flawless when i was greeted upon my first arrival to her territory. I've yet to see more in detail of this land, but nothing I've seen so far tells me anything but the sept is in capable hands." - Kieran McNamara
  • "She knows her stuff. She not only leads well, but knows when to delegate. That last one is hard, especially for wolves. I'll happily go visit that sept again as long as she is leader. In winter, of course. I'm not an idiot." - Yiayia

OOC Information

Player: Tiffany Meagher

Player Email: t.meaghs@gmail.com

Storyteller: Michael Day

Storyteller Email: DMH.Garou@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ