Dharma Stevens

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Dharma "Not All Wounds" Stevens

Notable Traits: Soothing Mien, Soothing Presence

Rank: Cliath

Pack: Vanguard

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Warrior's Wisdom (Phoenix, AZ)


Dharma is originally from Sedona, Arizona, and was born there in 1981. The people he believed were his parents were retired hippies. He became a spiritualist and a successful motivational speaker, and likely would have lived out the rest of his days guiding others to enlightenment if he hadn't undergone his first change in 2015. He joined the sept in Phoenix, Arizona, shortly after his first change, and has stayed there ever since.

Dharma studied under the Den Father, Remembers the Dance, as a Cub. He made it through his Rite of Passage in 2017, and has since joined the Vanguard pack. He then underwent the Rite of Acceptance and joined the sept as a full member.


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OOC Information

Player: David Mercer

Player Email: deusorum100@gmail.com

Storyteller: Byron Miracle

Storyteller Email: dmh.garou@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ