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Character Information

Name: D-1A30

Alias: Diamond, Turquoise

Type: Synthetic Human

Union: Mercenary

Origins: Core

Notable Traits: Eyepatch, teal hair, honey colored eyes

Location: At Large

Personality Quirks: Until recently, Turquoise/Diamond has been known to show littler to no emotion. Though what has been seen of her since around the time of 6.20.4118 she's been displaying an alarming number of emotions so much so her behavioral patterns have fallen to the norm for what should be expected from a human.


Diamond is an obvious synthetic human with a facial code of her name 'D-1A30' written on her left cheek. She wears an eye patch over her left eye, and most of her face usually remains covered by a hood. She normally wears a large coat that goes down to her feet and swallows her appearance as a whole making any prominent curves or notable traits hidden. When not wearing a coat, her arms reveal a few scars from a fire fight and her right arm has been replaced at the shoulder with a new one (though the skin tone is off). She seems to be in a constant state of tired and restlessness as someone who keeps on the move. She is rarely seen without a long distance pulse rifle, a single energy blaster, and a pack on her side. Between muted emotions and her status within the union, she usually appears to always be on the job with little play.


Prin Dawnbright


• Diamond is a werewolf.
• Turquoise has failed a bounty which caused her to be removed from her crew.
• Diamond once shot a vampire in the face to settle a bet. The vampire lost.
  • She likes to play with her food.
• Secretly, she works with the core. She had to be tattooed to look like a synth to gain trust of those she was sent to watch.
• Rumor here.

• "Can't say what I was expecting Diamond with emotions to be like, but I wasn't expecting someone so pure. Live a thousand years and the world will keep surprising you." - Dan
• "Diamond was always one who took the light of others in and given it back in tenfold joy. What she has been through has only allowed her to refract that light all the more brightly." - Nour
• "Absent emotion she felt the instinct to do right and be good. She put herself at risk and would fight and kill to right wrongs. Either she is very bad at being emotionless or she is at her core a very good person." - Magnus
• "When I met Diamond she was totally disconnected. Wanted to help her reconnect with herself. Now she's got her emotions back and I want to help her experience all of it, good and bad, so she can live a full life." - Monty
• "What they say about the stars that shine the brightest is sometimes true. But you do more than shine brightly for yourself. You brighten the lives of all those you encounter. Shine on, my dear star-friend. This dragon will always be at your side if you need me." - Ehroth
• "Whomever said Diamonds are a girls best friend was just being selfish." - Mont-E
• "I've helped her, I've been her friend, I've loved her since the day I laid eyes on her. Diamond is unique, and I wouldn't have it any other way." - Maddie

What is Known

The Heartsmith - The Hearthsmith Comic
• Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket
• Widowmaker - Overwatch
• Get Out

What is Known

Player: Apryl Songer

Player Email: apryl2007@gmail.com

Storyteller: Josh Prevost

Storyteller Email: midnight.crossroads.dst@gmail.com

Location: Indianapolis, IN