Diana Nikos

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Diana "Wonder Woman" Nikos

Tribe: Black Fury

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Adren

Sept: Sept of the New Dawns (San Diego, Ca)

First Impression

Diana can come across as intense. She wears her jet black hair short and straight, and her dark eyes are always rimmed with severe makeup and stark red lipstick graces her lips. She often favors black in her clothing, opting for combat boots and corsets even in social situation where neither would be appropriate.

Known History

Diana was raised partly in Greece and partly in the United States. Her mother was a Garou of the Black Furies and her father a faithful kin. She was the black sheep in her little family, a daddy's girl who was always getting into mischief as a child. The little girl never did well being stuck inside and as a young woman she dropped out of 'polite society' to explore the world the moment she was of age. As a young woman she worked odd jobs, often in the 'adventure tourism' field to fund her misadventures. There was a time it looked like she might settle down with a mate but life kicked her in the balls...well ovaries...and her adventurous behavior turned self destructive.

To everyone's shock, most especially her own, she changed when she was in her mid twenties. She immediately was shipped back to Greece to learn at the great sept there. Somehow, we still arent sure how, the purpose and Rage of being Garou seemed to,if not tame them. focus her Wyld ways. She clawed her way up through her training then through the ranks to Adren in a few short years. The Ahroun finally decided it might be time to move towards the next stage in a womans life and calm down, if only a little, moving to Southern California.

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  • She swears that explosion with the net spiders wasn't her fault.
  • After her Adren challenge a Galliard had a beautiful deed name picked out for her but Diana got the Bone Gnawer so drunk he just blurted out "Wonder Woman"; the spirits took it as cannon.
  • Her first change happened when she was on a terrorist mission with Ratkin.
  • That thing with the Fenrir and the lost eye....it was her fault.

Musical Inspirations

Diana Nikos
Tribe: Black Fury
Rank: Adren
Breed: Homid
Sept: Sept of New Dawns
Player: Christina Campbell US2015020069
VST: Daniel T Goode