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  • Harpy



  • Confirmed
  • Prominent
  • Noble
  • Guardian


  • Honorable
  • Courteous
  • Loyal
  • Favored
  • Triumphant

Notable Traits

Like Attention



Dicky is boisterous, bordering on impropriety.
He was embraced in Prohibition era Boston. Over the years, he's been involved with several criminal elements. During Prohibition, he was involved in rum running with the Irish and Italians. Later on, he got involved with larger biker gangs, who in turn became involved in various smuggling operations.
Dicky is an Ancilla Brujah in the Rurik Lineage, more formally known as Astrean Valerii, and is known to be loyal to the Ivory Tower. He's been known to run with a crew of like-minded Kindred who will do whatever you want, as long as the price is right.


Dicky appears to be in his mid 30s. He has short brown hair, and is usually found in a leather coat and black BDU pants.



1892: Born in Boston.
1897: Mother dies of Smallpox.
1906: Starts getting involved in Irish gangs.
1926: Embraced by Zavis.
1930: Released from Accounting.
1935: Travels around a lot, mostly spending time with lineage members, making Kindred contacts and doing jobs for people.
1970: Gets involved in drug smuggling to build capital.
1982: Settles down in Charleston SC, but still travels.
1990: Does some work smuggling guns across border, has some skirmishes with Sabbat in the process.
2009: Becomes Brujah Primogen in Charleston after skirmishes with Sabbat and Hunters leave Brujah ranks decimated.
2018: Becomes Harpy of Charleston.



  • Dicky is a sucker for a fluffy kitty.
  • Dicky is Tremere whipping boy.


  • "Dickey is a clear example of his blood. Passionate, determined, zealous in some regards. He does what needs to be done so that others can enjoy the luxury of not having to be violent. I respect that. Also he's my nephew, and while I am not violent by nature, I can exact punishment in ways you would never see coming." - Mila Rurik
  • "Nah, he's not an Anarch, but he's had my back ever since I rolled into Charleston. He knows what it means to be Brujah, and that's family enough for me on most counts." - Valentina
  • "The aptly named Dicky is as illiterate as he is loyal to his bloodline." - Tyburn
  • "Dicky is my favorite grandchild. I don't always understand what he's saying, but I see the effect it wrecks, and that is more than enough to delight me endlessly." - Sofiya Rurik
  • "Despite like expecting like I guess what you would like think from a guy who like says cunt like it's a term of endearment? He's like more than I like thought. And fuck if I don't like someone who like says what they mean." - Karma
  • "Perspective. He lacks it. Give him a hundred years or so, and he may actually wind up able to hold up in a debate." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "He's as passionate a Warrior as he is offensive a Harpy. I'd love to fight alongside him some day." - Egil Agmundr
  • "Richard is an absolute delight. His wording may lack poise, but it doesn't lack presence." - Catalina Juliana De-Royas
  • "He sees only what is in front of him, and speaks what he sees aloud. One day someone will teach him the value of the bigger picture, and of listening and information brokering. He will learn, one way.. or another." - Dulche Trefau
  • "Conviction, while admirable, can blind and lead astray even noble intentions." - Tsinna
  • "The man has conviction in his actions and words, for better or worse. I do appreciate that in a person - own your beliefs and do not back down." - Jozef Prinz
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  • Astrean Valerii Lineage

Enemies and Rivals


  • Live By Night
  • Wolf of Wall Street
  • Scarface

Player: Eric M

Location: SC-012-D: Shattered Tides

Storyteller James A.

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