Diego La Tormenta

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Diego La Tormenta (Deceased)
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Player: Adam Elm (CA2008120101)
Domain: Vancouver, BC
VST: Brad P.

Name:Diego La Tormenta
Clan:Gangrel, Coyote
Sect:Sabbat, Moderates
Pack:The Broken Chains
Morality:Humanity, Conversion in-progress to Path of Orion
Initiated, Loyal (by Maxine Fletcher)

    Diego is a Coyote Gangrel, embraced in 1994. Spending most of his unlife as an Unaligned avoiding politics, times have changed, and the man who once questioned his faith as a mortal now renews it as an immortal.

    A skilled gunslinger, and practitioner of the Thaumaturgical Path of Weather Mastery, Diego La Tormenta stands with the Sword of Caine with the force of a storm & his boundless southern charm.
"You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time,
Sooner or later God'll cut you down." - Johnny Cash
Further Information
Notable Traits
    • Arcane - Easily forgotten by those he meets in passing, documentation as well as photos & recordings of the City Gangrel always have a way of getting lost.
    • Medium - Spending his first few decades undead as a loner, he's learned to open an eye most others keep blind. The unquiet dead are no mystery to him.
    • Gehenna Prophet - Ever since the Red Star's first light shown, Diego's been struggling to see past the echos of a world destroyed. Haunted by visions of a land in ruins, devoid of life, his faith & dedication to stopping the end times is unshakable.
    • Path of Weather Mastery - When they're keeping an eye on your guns, they're not watching the sky. There ain't a gunslinger in existence faster than lighting itself.
Known History
    • 1994; Embraced in Louisiana, Abandoned by Sire as a survival test.
    • 1999; Sire returns for him on the first evening of the Red Star and reveals himself an Infernalist. Diego destroys him.
    • 1999 - 2017; Traveled North America, remaining Unaligned while learning what he could of the various Sects from non-hostile members.
    • 2009; A Rogue Tremere, fleeing the Camarilla, struck a deal with him; Thaumaturgic Training in exchange for helping destroy her pursuers.
    • 2017; Joined a Nomad Pack & began his tutelage.
    • 2018, March; Creation Rite completed.
    • 2018, November; Separated from his Pack due to political shifts.
    • 2018, December; Arrives in Abbotsford, BC.
    • 2019, January; Joins the Prima Nocta pack.
    • 2019, February; Remnants of the Prima Nocta pack reform as The Broken Chains.
    • His Sire was an Infernalist! He even admitted it. How can we ever call someone like that a brother?
    • What have you heard?