Diego Vega

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How very hungry these shadows of progress
The righteous need not fear Shadows, but you are not so righteous.

A little illumination


Name: Diego Vega

Notable Traits: Silver hair, slightly distracted

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Lasombra

A Portrait, Obscured

Ex Obumbratio

  • Diego Vega, as he goes by these nights, is a middle-aged man of silvered hair and beard. In mien, like shadows, he seems to be everywhere, although what he may care about are different matters.

The Blood of Shadows

Whispers in the Dark

  • He was not so much Embraced as "Given" to the Abyss and a Shadow came back in his form
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

Words, like light, still cast shadows

  • "It is said that every cloud has a silver lining. Do not let his hair confuse you from the darkness that is before you." - Diego Amador
  • "He is a very private person, and sometimes it seems to me that he is no longer interested in the world or in other people... I get the feeling that Vega is living in the past, locked in his memories." - Samantha Amador
  • "Far less of a disgrace than his sire. I will watch this one as I watch all true adepts of the Abyss. Carefully." - Astraea
  • "Diego is a member of the family that I have chosen. We work well together and he is an asset, as I am to him." - Pollux Xenos
  • "Though I often tease Diego, it is all in good-natured jest. He is a man who looks out over the precipice, and has had the good sense not to step over the edge." - Jozef Prinz
  • "whither" - [[|]]
  • "wail" - [[|]]
  • Quote here.

RP Opportunities

  • Are you a Child of the Abyss?
  • Are you someone of whom Urban legends come from?
  • Are you a student of the unknown? Do you investigate the darkness?
  • Other ideas? Send an email!

OOC Information

Player: Kirk Kading

Player Email: Lostcarcosa@gmail.com

Storyteller: Wade Yorke

Storyteller Email: dmh.camarilla.vst@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ