Dinah Hardin

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Dinah "Strikes the Spiral" Hardin

Notable Traits: Bitten

Pack: Team Bone Gnawer

Formerly: Trash Pandas, Exalts the Heart, Tempest Forged

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Ancient Hope


Dinah was born in Dawsonville, Georgia to a Bone Gnawer family, in 1987. She grew up loved and cared for, if a little bit in the shadow of her garou brother. She resented the assumption that she would eventually be married to a Bone Gnawer and beget more soldiers for the garou nation. She ran away from home multiple times between sixteen and eighteen and wandered the US after that.


  • 1987: Born
  • 2003: Ran away for first time, retrieved after a month or two by her brother
  • 2005: Started moving around the US, vagabond-style
  • 2006: Met and lived with Jake Hyde
  • 2007: Jake ends their relationship, Dinah goes back to being a hobo
  • 2012: Meets Einar "Holds the Line" Hjetland.
  • 2014: Meets Lucas Grant
  • November 2016: Bitten by a lupus-form werewolf at a rest stop in Montana.
  • December 2016: First change as a Galliard.
  • December 2016: Met Marilyn Jean Blair, who guided her through her first month changed.
  • January 2017: Meets Sam and Danny. They form Team Trash Panda.
  • February 2018: Sam and Danny are killed in a fight to save people from a developing Wyrm Nest.
  • March 2018: Einar reappears with his brother Rory in tow, and they form a pack with Dinah, Exalts the Heart.
  • September 2019: Claims leadership of the Sept of Ancient Hope
  • October 2019: Forms Team Bone Gnawer


  • Dinah is socially anxious and hates public speaking.
  • Rumor here.
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Known Associates

The Fallen

  • Sam
  • Danny


OOC Information

Player: Jen Gagne

Player Email: jengagne.cam@gmail.com

Storyteller: Matt Howes

Storyteller Email: Ragingrapidsst@gmail.com

Location: Grand Rapids, MI