Dives for Wisdom

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This is a NPC

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Deed Name: Dives for Wisdom

Tribe: Bone Gnawer

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Athro (4)


Apparent Age: Early to mid 20's when in Homid

Physical Description: Dives looks like the love child of a thin wolf, German Shepard, and a Coyote. She carries her self well tho, and uses her smaller unassuming frame to get the upper hand on people. She has no scars, tattoos, or piercings, and contrary to popular belief of her tribe, bathes regularly.

Easy Access Information:

Dives has been in the Sept her whole life, which has not been to long compared to others, mostly cause she is a Lupus. She studied under some of the Septs most revered and respected Theurges and got time to study with the many of the Fera to gain greater knowledge and perception of the umbra, spirits, and beliefs/rituals of those that make up the world.
Dives finds human history interesting, in the areas of psychology, religion, and sociology. She like studying the past and trying to figure out why people did the thing.
She is not judgmental, or at least she says so, but she also doesn't tolerate a person with a closed mind and an open mouth.
Dives was not present for the fight during the Dark Brigade's attack on San Diego.
Dives was one of the Sept leaders trapped in the Gauntlet for six months.


Bone Gnawer
Garou Nation