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"The day you open your mind to music, you're halfway to opening your mind to life."

-Pete Townshend

Name: Dizzy Johnson

Clan: Son of Discord

Sect: Anarch

Position: Advocate of the Free State of Northern California


  • Committed (accepted)
  • Authority (abiding)
  • Mandate (abiding)
  • Connected (fleeting)
  • Courteous (fleeting)
  • Preacher (fleeting)

Tools for everyday life
  • Born 1918 in Northern California.
  • Grew up in a household where the radio was always on.
  • Began to play bass at a young age and eventually learned to sing.
  • Despite being a long time performer he was never great about practicing on his own and so got his craft to a professional level but never beyond that.
  • His sire saw him perform while on tour in the South and saw potential in him so embraced him.
  • After a few years of accounting Dizzy made the choice to become an Anarch, seeing the Sabbat as insane and the Camarilla as a haven to the clan that was trying to kill his kind.
  • A few years later his sire was killed by the Daughters of Cacophony. This trend would continue throughout the 20th century until Dizzy was functionally the last of his line. While he isn't actively trying to kill the Daughters, he wants nothing to do with them and their insanity. It's hard to forgive people who hunted down and killed all of your broodmates, sire, sire's broodmates, etc up as far as they could and tried multiple times to kill you. And yes, they did make attempts at his life but other Anarchs would help him throughout the years only further cementing his devotion to the cause.
  • In the middle of the 20th century Dizzy began to expand his tastes as music began evolving and sometime in the 1960's he realized the connectivity of the universe through tonal shifts and tempo adjustments. This brought him to further study musical history and get more into academia in general.
  • Throughout the years he has been a minimal influence throughout the Movement, devoted as he might be to it. It is only recently that he has decided to step his game up and become a frontman for this band.

  • Tends to always be listening to music in some form or else humming, drumming or some other musical endeavor.
  • Actively tries to listen to the Anarchs around him and give everyone a chance to speak.
  • Makes references to music history with detail that could make one believe he was there for any given event he brings up.
  • He has never taken a life, human or Kindred, despite fighting for the cause. Usually his words or background actions help enough.

(Feel free to add/invent any you may have heard.)

  • He has close ties to several of the Apostate Setites in the Anarch Movement
  • He's a lot older than he lets on, Dizzy is actually an elder and several hundred years old
  • He wrote songs for several rock acts in the 1970's
  • He is currently being hunted by an overzealous group of hunters
  • He is seeking the destruction of Jayne Jonestown for the sake of quality music

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  • "Everyone has a skill. Something valuable they can bring to the Movement and benefit us all. Mine is a skill with inspiration and words that will push any of ours to greatness. And do you know why I'm so good with words? My words carry the heartbeat of our people and my voice puts the soul of libertas into everyone who hears it. So what do you bring to the Movement?" - Dizzy

Inspirations from Reality and Fiction


Player: Jon Grimmer
Player Email: griqkincaid@gmail.com
Storyteller: David Egan
Storyteller Email: dogimedkrad@hotmail.com
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

Looking For

  • Friends, enemies, frenemies, and maybe romantic ties.
  • Anything else that sounds interesting, I am always willing to work out some sort of character ties

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