Doctor lusus Hanover

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Doctor Iusus Hanover.png

Commonly Known Information


Name: Doctor Iusus Hanover

Notable Traits:

Speaks like an old man and is never found outside his old fashion NBC Suit

Type: Unkown

Character Type Subgroup:

Union: Conserviter

Chartered Company: N/A


  • Officially, the doctor was born in the core to servants of a noble family. He was trained in the medical arts by the houses chirurgeon's and received his medical license at twenty-eight. While well regarded by his peers, he never did any residency work, nor did he serve in any public medical facilities.


  • Loves SereniTea Treats special blends of tea.
  • Sometimes speaks in Kings and Codes Temples and Triumphs.
  • They say there is nothing in the suit, just a ghost playing medicine man.
  • A friend of a friend from the Morass was down on his luck when this priestly fellow gave him a hand. he swears that he caught a glimpse of the Doctor putting the suit on at the church, says whatever that thing was, no way it was human.
  • Rumor


"Kind, and clever, Iskra looks forward to working with Dr. Hanover on future projects." - Iskra

"One must never underestimate one whom has risen so far from such provincial origins, and can only wonder with pride at how much farther they may yet ascend." - Fabien_Phist

"Enter text here." - Name

OOC Information

Player: Gregory Smedsrud

Player Email:

Coordinator: Kelsey Greene


Location: Wayfinder Station-Morass

Original Cod by: Cali C.