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Name: Dolly
Aliases: Kitty, Roxie, Trixie
Type: Ghoul
Clan: Followers of Set
Domitor: Keith Campbell
Boss: Lucy Giovanni
Office: The Renaissance
Sect: Independent Alliance

Notable Traits:
Dolly (sometimes called by other names depending on the city or client) is a blushing mortal usually dressed in relaxed and loose attire. She wears a golden snake collar, a symbol of her servitude to the Followers of Set, and a gift from her domitor Keith Campbell. Dolly works for Lucy Giovanni at The Renaissance and can usually be seen running errands for Lucy, giving massages, pep talks, and escorting various kindred at gatherings. Most notably, Dolly is always inebriated (usually on opiates) and frequently offers herself to kindred wanting to get high.

Title or Position:
You can call me anything and put me in whatever position you want, darlin'.

~1900 - Born, Texas
1930 - Ghouled

"Everyone who has someone like Dolly in their life understands what she means to me. For those that don't, I can make her available." - Lucy Giovanni
"Oh, what would we do without Kitty? I'm so happy to not have the misfortune of living such a drab existence. After all, life is so much better for having her in it." - Lillian Chandler
"My darlin' is such a delight, how could I ever keep her to myself? Am I speaking of Lucy or Dolly? Why, both, of course!" - Keith Campbell
"Dolly keeps the company of some of our Domain's most interesting inhabitants, though they may be misguided in their allegiance. I confess that I have never heard her speak, but perhaps this speaks to her station. The whispers that she plants in the ears of her allies, however, might concern the mightiest among us, and the secrets she is privy to may be enough to humble Princes." - Felix Winchester
"A truly charming young one who still has the opportunity to repent unto the Lord. May God Bless her, and deliver her to righteousness." - Enzo DuBois
"Something to Say" - Someone


  • Dolly is a living symbol to the Alliance between Keith and Lucy.

Keith Campbell - Domitor
Lucy Giovanni - Employer


Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Zoe Miller
VST: Nick Kice
MES Number: US2014030015
Location: Austin, TX