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“It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.”
Henry James

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The Ivory Tower was established in Phoenix in 1902, with Elder Josefina Sanchez laying claim to Praxs after "Blood and Iron" war with the Lupines. The dust had cleared after the war, opening up the city to expansion by the Kindred intrepid enough to have fought through the wolves to lay stake to the area. The railroad had proven to be the end of prosperity that the Lupines had with the wild area - men came, and so did the Kindred.

The Domain was prosperous - Kindred and Kine building up the area, exponentially upon the invention of air conditioning and climate control. As is often the case, when the beacon of the Tower shines, the shadow of the Sabbat is not far behind.

In 1955, the Sabbat launched a crusade from the South, driving up into Arizona with the intent to destroy the Camarilla in Phoenix. They were driven back, suffering heavy losses from stalwart Camarilla defenders, Anarch allies and even the Garou on the periphery. After the assault, Josefina Sanchez stepped down, with Elder Navarro D'Cruz claiming praxis.

The Anarchs were presented the city of Casa Grande as an act of appreciation for their aid in the battles. In 2002, there was another attack by the Sabbat - again rebuffed by the Camarilla and the Anarchs. However, in being deflected, the Sabbat were able to sweep into Flagstaff and Prescott - claiming both for the Sword of Caine.

During the Years of Silence, Navarro D'Cruz was slain in his haven by Hunters. Addison Parker claimed praxis in 2002, and the city cracked down on Caitiff and any direct conflict that might cause a weakening of the Masquerade.

In the year of 2017, Addison Parker abdicated the throne, allowing Kaius Drescher to claim praxis. That same year, a nefarious Kindred began causing troubles within the Domain. A rogue necromancer, the Kindred known as Father kidnapped various Camarilla Kindred, and destroyed at least one Anarch.

The captured Kindred were tortured, and in some cases converted to the Necromancer's cause. The creature had a menagerie of able-bodied allies - deformed Lupines, potent Spirits and some wayward Kindred. All information on this Kindred was spotty, at best. Numerous rescue missions occured, with the results being that all of the Kindred who were taken were returned.

In 2018, after a string of miscommunications, a series of Praxis changes occur. Chaunce duFresne claims Praxis, followed by a Praxis siezure by Diego Vega. After some negotiations, Jozef Prinz claims Praxis.

A Bloodhunt was called and completed, the treacherous Kindred being destroyed by a tenacious group of Kindred. Also destroyed was Eric Cooper, who had allied himself with the Bloodhunted Kindred.

In 2019, the Anarchs claim Casa Grande formally, using the Edict of Succession as the basis for their claim. This brings relations to an all time high, due to the nature of the negotiations.


Game Date & Location

3rd Saturdays
7:00pm checkin, 8pm gamestart

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The Court of Phoenix
Prince Kaius Drescher of Clan Tremere
Seneschal Todd St. James of Clan Malkavian
Keeper of Elysium John Smith of Clan Assamite
Scourge Silas Ramius of Clan Nosferatu
Sheriff Jarvinia Aurelius Biehl of Clan Assamite
Harpy Judith Anderson of Clan Tremere
Talon Silas Ramius of Clan Nosferatu
Talon not selected

Elder Primogen Odette bint Rumi
Whip Jarvinia Aurelius Biehl
Luminary Elder Rumi
Ana Isabel
John Smith
No Brujah Primogen
Primogen not selected
Whip Helena
Luminary Elder Altani-Khan
Chloe Carter
Tommy Righteous
Danica "Dani"
Po, Gargoyle
Jack Stein, Gargoyle
Primogen Todd St. James
Whip Edmund Sloan
Constance Tarabotti
Primogen Elder The Conductor
Whip William Addington
Silas Ramius
Thomas Dinwiddy
Primogen not selected
Primogen not selected
Elder Pyotr Volkov
Josiah Crane
Judith Anderson
Primogen James Parcell
Whip not selected
Elder Gunnvaldr Graysson
Alexander Adams
Alwin Gerhardt
Amelia Robison-Walker
Other Camarilla
Diego Vega, Lasombra
Eddie Starr, Son of Discord

Followers of Set
Emissary Vincent Dane
Dabria Nephthys
Don & Emissary Vincent Giovanni
Elder Cristiano Gasparo di Giovanni
Marcus Giovanni
Valentino Giovanni
Katherine Moreau, Unaligned Nosferatu
Bento Salt, Unaligned Nosferatu
Alistar Iskander, Unaligned Ravnos


Below are the current Courtesies of the Domain, as enacted by Prince Jozef Prinz:

  • To ensure adherence to the Masquerade, humans will not be unjustifiably harmed. Any kindred who kills a human within the boundaries of the Domain territory will present themselves to the Prince for an explanation and potential judgment.
  • It is requested that Kindred make known their intention to visit our Domain well in advance of their actual arrival. Failure to properly contact your Primogen in advance for Hospitality will result in the proper prestation apologies to be made to the Prince and the Primogen. Those without Primogen will go through the Senschal, with the same expectations of timeliness.
  • All Clans and individuals with territory within the Domain of Phoenix are responsible for the care and maintenance of that territory. Clans are expected to patrol their territories on a regular basis and report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff, and any unacknowledged kindred to the Scourge.
  • All Clans share a vested interest in the well-being of our Domain and our Rack. To this end, the Primogen Council will evenly divide the patrolling of the Rack amongst each Clan, ensuring the health of our public feeding area. I leave this to the august council to decide upon how this is handled.
  • The flesh twisting powers of Vicissitude have no home in Phoenix. The use, display and/or possession of these powers are not permitted. Those who stand in violation of this courtesy shall be torpored and brought before the Prince in judgement.
  • The Salubri have no welcome within Phoenix at this time. Should one reach out to you to seek entry to our Domain, please advise them of the courtesy and direct them to contact myself or the Seneschal.


Current Elysia Locations

The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is operated by the city of Scottsdale’s Parks & Recreation Department. The 30-acre park, located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, is the most unique park of its kind in the country. Take a ride on the Paradise & Pacific Railroad and the 1950-vintage Allan Herschell carousel. Visit a variety of shops and museums, play on our one-of-a-kind playgrounds, or just relax in the grass under a tree in one of Scottsdale’s most beautiful parks.

Further secured and improved upon by Alwin Gerhardt, the railroad park offers private gathering areas made available to Kindred.

Elysia Rules

In addition to the Traditional Laws of Elysium, the Keeper of Elysium has enacted the following edicts while on the sacred grounds:

  • Edict the First: The use of Powers of the Blood to conceal one’s monstrous appearance and ensure the protection of the Masquerade are permitted and encouraged within Elysium.
  • Edict the Second: Non-violent Powers of the Blood used to establish private communications are permitted within Elysium.
  • Edict the Third: The use of non-violent Powers of the Blood between consenting Kindred is permitted upon Elysium.


Below you will find our current Harpy reports, as well as historic reports.

Phoenix Harpy Reports