Dominic Montana

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Name: Dominic Montana AKA El Monstruo

Notable Traits:

  • Executioner
  • Obvious Predator
  • Deathly pale
  • On a Path of Enlightenment
  • Dresses like a Gangbanger

Clan: Harbingers of Skulls

Sect: Sabbat


Position: Pack Priest

Pack: Aita Ilum Kofradia

Morality: Path of Death and the Soul

Archetype: Fighter

Concept: Ghost Faced Killa


Dominic Montana was born on January 10th, 1976 to an impoverished Mexican American Family. In 1992, Dominic quit high school and joined up with the New Mexican Mafia, also known as New Eme, where he picked up the nickname El Monstruo for his violent tendencies. In 1999, during a visit to Nogales, a small city on the border of Sonora, Mexico, Dominic was kidnapped and ghouled by his future sire, in the hopes of bringing the newly awakened Harbinger up to speed with the 21st century. On October 31st, 2001, Dominic was embraced in order to act as an enforcer for his sire. In 2004, he moved to Flagstaff and joined Aita Ilum Kofradia as it's pack priest, due to his knowledge of the Ritae.

El Monstruo, like every Harbinger, is quite skilled with Necromancy. This pales in comparison, however, to his skill with his guns, and is often among the first to draw down when trouble starts.


  • He named his Guns after two of his ex girlfriends, Lupe and Consuella.
  • He wears long sleeves to cover his tattoos, one for every man he killed while he was in the Mexican Mafia.
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Daniel Byrd

Player Email:

Storyteller: Bryan Lee Briggs

Storyteller Email:

Location: Dead Man's Hand AZ-0010-D Phoenix, AZ