Dominick Rickard

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Dominick Rickard

Notable Traits: He has several modern affectations, including wearing geek t-shirts. He also tends to be very blunt and to the point. Any amount of conversation with him will reveal very mercenary sentiments.

Titles: Advocate of Atlanta

Sect: Anarch Movement

Clan: Caitiff

Lineage: N/A

Generation: Neonate

Sire: Unknown

Childer: None

Broodmates: Unknown


Dominick generally dresses in comfortable clothing, not caring what vampiric fashionistas say should be worn. About the only standards are the laptop bag and a shirt with some sort of geeky saying on it, with a favorite being one that simply says 'Live Long and Suck it.'

Common Knowledge:

- Before his embrace, he was a serious hacker, being known by the handle 'RedSon'

- He grew up behind the Iron Curtain and was Embraced there, relocating to the West after the Berlin Wall fell.

- He's been an Anarch since his Embrace and has never even remotely considered joining the Camarilla.

- For a vampire, he's young. All total, he's well short of the century mark.


- He was part of a Sabbat Mass Embrace, but escaped.

- He's a Tremere plant in the Anarch Movement or he stole his knowledge of Technomancy and is hunted by the Tremere

Wanna say a thing?

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Player Bio

Player: Clint Hauser

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Coordinator: Daniel Dobbins

Coordinator Email:

Location: Atlanta, GA