Domino Black

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Public Information


Concept: Bounty Hunter

Name: Domino

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Anarch

Anarch Ideological Camp: Nihilist

Anarch Gang

Position: None

Abiding Status

  • Committed to the Anarch Movement

Fleeting Status

Current Location: Orange County, CA

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence (All Black Eyes), Obvious Predator

Blood Relatives


Sire: Marco the Black

Lineage: Ebi Okunkun

Relatives of Note:

The Revolution

Night Watch.png




  • "Tread carefully." - Domino
  • "At times impetuous, she works best when given a clear target and allowed to do what she does best." - Zero
  • "Pretty but deadly." - Vi
  • "Ocēlōtl were jaguar warriors, the most elite of the Mayan army. Many of them could have learned much from Domino." - Shepherd
  • "Yo this chick is da' real fuckin' deal. I have personally seen her beat the ever loving shit out of some hapless idiot one handed, while perfectly applying her mascara with her other hand." - Roach


  • She is really a Caitiff.
  • She may or may not be dating Judge of the Down South Sentinels.

OOC Information

Erika Castro

Cam Number: US2017070097
Home Domain: Orange County, CA
Email: nu DOT easin AT gmail DOT com
ST Email: Orange County Cam/Anarch VST

Also player of:

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