Domus Orthia

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Domus Orthia traces its beginning back to Constantinople when the three childer of the founder, Valeria Avitus pledged to continue the lineage and support the clan. When the nights of the Revolt came, Domus Orthia fought along many other noble Ventrue and other clans in support of their ancestors. In attendance at the Treaty of Thorns, Valeria’s new vision for the house now included to provide stability to the sect. The members now support the Tower with their continued dedication to those ideals, serve the Clan by mentoring younger kindred, and honor the House by persistent political and social conquest.

House Motto: Non Ducimer, Ducimus: We are not led, we lead.


File:ArtemisOrthia.png File:Lysander.png Domina: Valeria Decima Avitus, Architect of the Camarilla, Imperatrix of Oklahoma City, Childe of Lysander, Childe of Artemis Orthia


  • ”She’s a quiet lady. Such a smart woman, but like any woman, frightening when angry.” - Architect Zukov, Progenitor of House ?
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  • Spartacus Series
  • Rome Series
  • Constantinople by Night
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