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"You come along, if you don’t think it’s magical, that’s fine. We’ll show you. We’ll show you what we mean, and you judge for yourself."

-Alan Moore

Name: Don McCarthy

Deed Name: Essence of Instinct

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Get of Fenris


Don is known to be pragmatic in how he handles the world around him. He focuses on what needs to get done to accomplish a given task and sees it through to completion. While he may not be quippy and the most verbose, he is also not afraid to speak out when someone needs to be addressed and called on their shit. This has gotten him into an occasional uncomfortable political situation but he tends to navigate his way around those using traditional Garou methods. This also is part of how he views the world, in that he sees Garou as just that and will correct both homid and lupus born who forget they are not human nor wolf and must walk in both worlds.

His sensible nature continues when he deals with the world of spirits and the Umbra. Each spirit should stick to the purpose and function that the individual spirit exists for and he expects them to do their duty as much as he knows they expect him to do his. Some would say when interacting with spirits he is very much akin to a spirit and knows only his purpose and acts as is natural within the Umbral courts. For the most part this tends to actually get him a lot of acceptance from spirits as they seem to respect him for not reaching beyond his place in the order of things but also not shying away from what his duty calls for.

The way he sees the animistic world seems to be through the lens of old English witchcraft and modern occultism blended with Garou concepts. To him, rituals should require more traditional blood magic foci and proper incantations to properly function. This way of interpreting rites is something he has said comes from his mother as well as older traditions among the Scandinavian Garou who ended up in Scotland during the Middle Ages. He doesn't hide the fact that his blood comes from that mixture of Fianna and Fenrir blood. What matters to him is that his strength proved what it needed to for Fenris to accept him and so that is his tribe. He does respect and tend to the prey though, honoring Stag. He has even made alliances with members of the broods under the great Fianna totem.


Ritual Work
  • Always wearing a pentacle necklace
  • Tends to carry a bag full of odds and ends for ritual work
  • Wields a rondel dagger with some very off-putting qualities
  • Prefers homid or lupus and rarely any of the other forms


(Feel free to add/invent any you may have heard.)

  • In his first sept it was debated if he was insane or simply brave beyond reproach
  • Regularly shows up to places with various signs of battle but doesn't tend to explain why
  • He cannot stand those who refuse to fight when necessary
  • His bag is lined with plastic so it doesn't leak



(Feel free to add quotes)

  • "What I do is perfectly sane. You're trying to project your own fears of failure onto me to rationalize why you hesitate rather than succeed. That's your weakness, not mine." -Essence of Instinct


Inspirations from Reality and Fiction



Player: Jon Grimmer
Player Email:
Storyteller: Jay Durant
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Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

Looking For

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