Donald "Stonewall" Blake

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This is a NPC

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Name: Donald Blake

Deed Name: Stonewall

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Elder (5)

Position: Wyrm Foe

Apparent Age: Uhm, well, he looks like a stone statue.

Physical Description: Stonewall is a Metis, and his deformity makes him appear as if to have a head to toe skin condition making him look and feel as if made of stone. In all forms he appears to be hairless with heavy muscle definition. He has a cold and distant demeanor and does not talk much.

Apparent Merits/Flaws:

Skin that appears to be made of stone. (metis)
Rugged (general)

Easy Access Information:

Stonewall has lived on the Sept since he was dropped here. His parents treated him like an unwanted child being left at a church door step. His parents still remain unknown, and the city took him and gave him a loving home. He has taken his whole life to protecting the land and sanctity this city has given to others and when old enough it was just natural for him to become the Warder. It is common knowledge that some members of the Sept over the years have taken to making stone statue likeness of him in homid and lupus and placing them around the sept. This has lead to many visitors, and some of the locals falling prey to having conversations with a statue and not even knowing it. Stonewall does not talk much, he is a man of few words, but that does not mean he is a man of no rage. He has proven himself time and time again as worthy warrior of Gaia, a champion of his tribe, and guardian of the lands the sept hold sacred. Stonewall never gets to leave the sept, not just cause of his condition, but also for fear of leaving the Sept unprotected and risking the Veil with his appearance.
He was present for the siege of the Dark Brigade on the old San Diego sept, acting as a Guardian under the previous Warder.
Stonewall was NOT one of the Sept leadership trapped in the Gauntlet for the last six months
With the death of the old Wyrm Foe, and no one ready to step up to the position, Stonewall has taken to leading the other Ahrouns of the area and directing them, still from the boundaries of the Sept in fear of becoming a risk to the veil.


Get of Fenris
Garou Nation