Donny Verde

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Donny Verde

Deed Names: Litany Coach

Affiliation: Right of Acceptance under the Garou Nation

Rank: Cliath

Notable Traits: cool stuff and things

Sept: Sept of the Willow


This is Donny's tale.

Donny grew up with only his brother They would be shuffled from orphanage to orphanage and foster family to foster family. Every orphanage or family they ended up assigned to would send them elsewhere due to Donny's trickster nature. Some of these pranks and tricks were dangerous, causing minor harm to either the family or other kids. His answer was always "I was teaching a lesson." Donny never truly knew why but even in all of this he kept his spirits high and would always find a way to laugh. This type of thing would keep happening up till his brother and himself were of age and could live on their own. Once they both settled in Indiana tragedy would strike, his brother would die in a freak car accident.

more to come...

Once Donny is picked up by his mentor this is where actual concrete information goes out the window.

more to come...


  • Nope... sadface

Rumors and Lies

  • Has an Entourage of Coyote Spirits for funsies
  • Owns a Dragon named Norbert
  • Keeps shiney things for the Corax
  • Can manipulate Time
  • Is also known by the Nuwisha as "Heartburn of Frog Mountain"...
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  • "Here kitty kitty kitty!"
  • "Basically. We are gonna break the Umbra"
  • "I like Donny, he is enthusiastic, and works his ass off. Great to have if you ever need to go through the Umbra. I just wish he would remember to give me /all/ the information I need." - Muertow
  • "Guy knows his way around trouble and best addition to any team."- Valen Cross
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OOC Information

Player: Ian D. US2017030028

Story Teller: Thomas

Location: Indianapolis Indiana