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Name: Doom

Notable Traits: Long red hair; very fit; taller than most and seeming even taller than his physical appearance (Giant and Looming Presence 13), local Apex.

Type: Beast

Character Type Subgroup: Eshmaki Ravager

Few certain details are known about Doom, except that he is a Beast (other Beasts will recognise him as part of the Eshmaki family), and that he seems to have always been around Milton Keynes, patrolling the neutral areas and ensuring the safety of residents. It has been said that he once had a Brood that helped him in this matter, but they have not been seen for some time. He’s a tall and imposing man, with fire-red hair and observant eyes. He holds a job as security for The Quiet Corner Café.


The conquering of Aylerbuy by Cutwulph, brother of Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons in 571 allowed for an influx of monsters and primordial terrors, allowing Beasts to establish themselves in the surrounding area. There have been Beasts in the area of Aylesbury.

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MKNPC.Doommarker.png Jet Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Doommarker.png Farsight Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Doommarker.png Ophelia Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Doommarker.png Oberon Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.Doommarker.png Corven Member of his security team

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MKNPC.Doommarker.png "He's a scary motherfucker, but he's sweeter than the name implies." - Lisbeth Benson
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This is an NPC for the Milton Keynes CoD-X Game