Doomsday February 2020

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What do the Spirits whisper of this month?

Twenty years ago, the Red Star Antehelios rose over a troubled world. In the generation since, heroes and monsters have risen up, claimed their moments in the limelight, and then fallen aside. The forces of the Wyrm made a devastating push to end all life, and time and again they were rebuffed, at first with grievous losses and then with growing strength and confidence. Now, the pieces are in place, the armies of Gaia are ready. The Garou Nation no longer stands on the edge of the Apocalypse, but of Armageddon; the final reckoning with the Dark Brigade. Spirits whisper that the end is close, so very close.

Let us begin.

  • At the Wayward Caern, a Kinfolk bearing a shard of Mama Rat was rescued from an assault from Black Spiral Dancers. It was brought to the Caern, and there it shall be kept safe.
  • In Macon, Georgia, the Black Spiral Dancers are on the run, and it is rumored that only a single pack remains on the loose.
  • The Incarna Bison bison (also known as Buffalo) successfully awakened and cleansed of Wyrm influence by a group of Gaians. Two Gaians died during the struggle to cleanse the spirit's corruption.
  • Meanwhile, in the Inland Empire, a team lead by Sept Leader Dagmar were able to infiltrate and rescue the Warder who had been abducted recently for experiments by a local offshoot of Project Aeneid. At the same time, and in the same place, whispers grow that dark forces are gathering power for some unseemly purpose.
  • The vampires of Montreal, enraged by the death of one of their own, organized a successful war party against the Garou of the Sept of the Underground Dawn. Rumors spread that an Elder Wendigo disgraced himself in the battle, but reports are unclear pending the results of his judgement at the next turning of the Moon.
  • In Columbus, The Crowned Serpent, a Weaver spirit and enemy of the Garou Nation, was defeated.
  • The spirits reflect that the Glass Walkers have completed a secret project under the code name of Daedalus, seizing control of much of the Cyber Realm. Glory Spirits rejoice, but Wyld spirits are uneasy, sensing a change is in the winds.
  • Thylacine are now being sighted regularly in both Tasmania and the Australian mainland. Spirits are watchful... and waiting.

All Gaians have a sense of how perilous their situation is, and how close the world is to burning.

Now imagine that sense as a ticking clock.
This month, the clock moves backwards by twenty seconds. The current time is 23:49:35

The Gaians are now 4 minutes and 35 seconds from ending the Age of Apocalypse.


  • Wyrm Creatures gain *-2* Wildcard on all challenges.
  • Caern Seeds Develop at 2x Rate