Dorian Alvarez

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Sire: Borreroak
Childer: None


  • Initiated in the Sabbat
  • Loyalist, by Faction
  • Honorable, by Regent Temoch the Jackal


  • 1963 - Born in Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1980 - Relocates to Los Angeles, CA
  • 1988 - Embraced by Borreroak
  • 1992 - Initiated as True Sabbat
  • 1993 - Assists in a variety of battles against the Anarch Movement in California
  • 1999 - Relocates to San Marcos, TX
  • 2001 - Participates in the San Marcos War
  • 2003 - His entire pack is killed during an attack on the Movement
  • 2016 - Participates in the Battle for NYC
  • 2017 - Joins the Loyalist Faction



"The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly." - Tyler Durden, Fight Club



Dorian is a member of Clan Lasombra originally from Mexico City who grew up as the son of a wealthy businessman and his model wife. He lived in the lap of luxury for most of his life, until coming to America to pursue his Law degree. He was discovered by Borreroak instead, and after his crucible, has since become a ruthless force inside the Sword of Caine.

Most of his exploits have led him to clash with the Anarch Movement in particular, and it is rumored that he has consumed the souls of at least two, if not three Anarchs. As far as Factions are concerned, Dorian was a member of the Ultra-Conservative movement for the majority of his life as a Cainite, but recently he has left and joined the Loyalist cause.

Dorian is well known for his love of everything narcotic, and if you're in the San Marcos area looking for a good time, he is always able to assist.

  • Pack: The Magnificent Seven
  • Position: Ductus
  • Faction: Loyalist


  • Angelic Visage
  • Personal Masquerade
  • Humanity 3
  • Pupils are constantly dilated


  • The Cainite known as Dorian died in 1997 when he diablerized, and the soul-shard took Dorian's body as his own.
  • He's not actually addicted to anything - it's all a ruse to make him seem less dangerous.
  • Despite the many clashes he's had with the Anarch Movement, he has quite a few friends among their number.
  • Dorian has committed diablerie at least twice, but no one knows the true number, leaving his generation unknown.
  • I heard he killed a werewolf while being serenaded by a beautiful woman.
  • He is destined to serve a great purpose in the reunification of the Sabbat, and its re-dedication to its divine mission.
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  • I am watching, always. - Vox Umbra
  • Dorian continues to show great promise, though I still have much to show him. - Borreroak
  • It is not often that one bares witness as a Shadow is thrown to the wolves. How odd that his Clanmate and Brother in the Sword was so willing to do so to save his own skin. - Zână
  • I have great faith and high hopes for my grandchilde. I believe that he will fully come into his own, in his own time... to understand the truths that lie in darkness. - Serafino Morreti
  • Had I known Dorian in life I would never have given him a second glance, and yet I find it rather pleasant to know him now. He gives off a cool bravado that not many corpses can pull off. - David Zimmerman
  • I couldn't live without him. - Malachi Salamanca
  • El arato ceea ce îl va lisa zgardu: viciile lui. Este un lucru periculos. Sunt sigur ce acest unul fermecat folosete acest lucru împotriva lui. Va cadea Dorian, ala cum a fucut-o Arroyo, din cauza le vis sângele? - Zână
  • Dorian is my friend, my packmate, my brother. He always seems to be close at hand to ensure no one interferes with my Sight, and he has helped me gain more knowledge than he knows. I would like nothing more than to continue or friendship and our explorations together. - Calla LaRue
  • He makes his choices, stands up for them and faces it as best as he can. He is a Brother of the Sword, and I will stand beside him regardless of what Faction he takes up. - Gabriel Thompson
  • Dorian is a dude I could feel good about having my back; reliable, motivated, and sane. Too bad our differing opinions would bring us out back into a monomacy circle within 5 seconds. - Valerie Evans
  • Dorian is a Loyalist, and he should remain a Loyalist. As in he should never ever approach politics if his life depended on it. - Tiziano Farnese
  • I have to say something nice. Or do they say something nice. I never remember the order. Shake a little treat in front of them, and they'll go weeee to catch it. - Adriel Marax
  • Holy shit, Dorian is not lacking in the theatrics department. He made my first time special, and I would 10/10 recommend him for planning my next embrace. - Britney Daye
  • Dorian was the architect of my ascension from mere kine into something much greater. He will make a fine disciple, when it is time. - Abel
  • Dorian is truly the only member of the San Marcos Diocese that can rival me in pure style. I'd say that I'm jealous, but he tends to get his hands far dirtier than I ever would. He has a way of winning over his natural enemies in a way I... It's less envy, and more admiration. - Delilah
  • For a good time call Dorian. - Henry Dorsett
  • Dorian's great! Just sometimes, I wonder exactly how much control hes got over himself and all. - Waldren
  • Oh, this motherfucker is fun. Any time, sweetheart, let's you and me talk. - Tamara Rose Linden
  • He's my brother, in the Sword and in shadow. I'll always be there if he needs a hand, without hesitation or fear. - Valerie
  • Cheri there is only one prissy old Ventrue and .... WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE CRYPTS!?! - Countess Kostrova
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  • Malcolm X - "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."
  • Erik Killmonger, Black Panther - "Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage."
  • Thea Queen, DC - "In my head, I've already slit his throat seven times. Broke his neck twice."
  • Octavia Blake, The 100 - "A warrior doesn't mourn the dead until the war is over."



Dorian Alvarez

Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos, TX
Player: Chase Jennings
VST: San Marcos VST

I am always looking for ties & allies, so feel free to reach out at any time!