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""And this Song of the Vine, This greeting of mine, The winds and the birds shall deliver, To the Queen of the West, In her garlands dressed, On the banks of the Beautiful River" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Catawba Wine



Known Collaborators

[[Sire: Anastasia Mearou]]


“I love working with fanatics. You just wind them up, and off they go.”

― Craig Schaefer, Redemption Song

Commonly Known Information
Name: Doris Valeria Ashview
Notable Traits: She has an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Siddal, Pre Raphaelite muse and painter
Society: Anarch
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace:
    • Born 1775 in the area that would one day become Cincinnati
    • 1788 Cincinnati is officially settled.
    • Grew up with the traditions of the Cincinnati music scene, developing her own talents at being a bit of a jukebox/vaudeville entertainer when it comes to singing - no genre seems to be off-limits, although she has her preferences.
  • Embrace:
    • Embraced: 1812
    • 1822 – Anastasia sends Doris to her sire Madeleine in Malta, so that Madeleine can teach Doris about the family and the family’s history. During this time, Doris assists her grandsire in hunting down and eradicating the Sons of Discord.
    • Left Accounting:1832
    • Sired Cordelia:1840 (London, England)
    • Returns to Cincinnati: 1920 at the behest of Lady Azenath, an old friend. Her return home has resulted in her rarely leaving the domain for long.
    • 1937 - The Ohio river floods Cincinnati Ohio River Flood of 1937

Personality traits

  • Convivial
  • Slow burning short fuse
  • Shameless flirt
  • Nicknamed "Wrath" by the Seven Deadly Sins gang
  • Loathes the use of autotune to cover up weak singing.
  • It is suggested that people wishing to meddle in the affairs of the city of Cincinnati had best keep in mind its long-term resident. She is ferociously protective of it and its Kindred and human residents, as well as the overall health of Ohio's rich musical legacy.
  • While part of the founding of Sanctuary, she is not officially affiliated with the Sanctuary Gang.
  • For someone with her violent, militaristic history, the ideals of Sanctuary seem out of place...or perhaps that is exactly why she has chosen to defend such ideals. For a Kindred of a Clan that is not particularly old, she already seems tired of war.

Character Tropes


  • Badass Lineage Doris' family is not known for being all hat and no cattle.
  • Mama Bear Doris is protective of the people she considers "family," especially her lineage.


  • Enlightened Self-Interest What is good for the City is often also good for her. Doris likes hitching her wagon to the health and well-being of the Kindred and mortals of Cincinnati/Ohio.
  • Good is not Soft Just because she doesn't like killing people, or resorting to violence at all doesn't mean she won't if necessary.


  • Lady and Knight Old world sensibilities lead to a dash of old world romance
  • Battle Couple Her love interest is usually as dangerous as she is.

Rumors and quotes

  • "My favorite Aunt, although I do worry about her plucking my heart out and sticking pins in it for fun." -Simon "Tinder" Walker
  • She has a friendly rivalry with Lady Azeneth, which sometimes manifests in the most hilariously petty ways. Lady Azenath's lineage pretends not to be deeply entertained by their Luminary's exasperation with the Siren.
  • “She is going to be trouble. Azeneth will kill me one day for it.” - Maurice Titlbaum, Setite Priest
  • “She frustrates me and makes me proud in the same breath. Seek to harm her at your peril.” - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "A drop of water makes ripples that will last long after the drop is lost in the sea. We have never met, but her name has crossed my desk so many times I feel as though I know her." - Jimmy Kincaid

OOC Information
Player: Noelle
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C@M Number:US2017060028
VST: Ace Hendrix
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