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Summary: A soft-hearted yet dimwitted outcast, desperate to find belonging. Strong and bitey.

General Information

  • Name: Dottie
  • Deed Name: (none yet)
  • Rank: Cliath
  • Breed: Metis
  • Auspice: Ahroun
  • Tribe: Shadow Lords
  • Pack: none
  • Location: Vancouver BC
  • Archetype: Dumb muscle, kicked puppy


  • No visibly obvious metis deformity, but she does seem kind of awkward in homid and lupus forms.
  • Homid form: Mostly WYSIWYG. Big glasses, messy hair, clothes are often slightly mismatched, and a bit dirty and ripped from carelessness.
  • Lupus form: Dark brownish fur, speckles and spots around her face.
  • Crinos form: Bigger, buffer and more intimidating than you might expect.


  • Abandoned by parents as a cub because of metis stigma. She doesn't remember them
  • Physically strong but dimwitted
  • Taken in by a rogue shadow lord pack
  • Groomed to be perfect obedient minion, never truly included or socialized properly
  • Only way to gain small tidbits of approval was to fight well and go hurt whoever her pack told her were the bad guys
  • Too stupid to follow plans with any intricacy though, messed things up frequently
  • Her pack finally deemed her more a liability than a help, tried to kick her out but she wouldn't leave
  • Her task to become a cliath was actually an attempt to get rid of her and she almost died, but she somehow pulled through and they grudgingly gave her the rank upon her return. They never awarded a deed name
  • They finally had to slip away quietly in the night to get away from her, and so far she hasn't accepted that they left her on purpose and aren't coming back
  • After struggling to fend for herself on her own for a few weeks she finally stumbled into Better Options

More info:

  • Very simple, black and white thinker
  • Needs things spelled out or she won't get it.
  • Omega 4 life. She's accepted this and doesn't have any grand goals other than not being left out in the cold
  • Wants more than anything to be accepted and included
  • Will bow to the smallest social pressure
  • Believes anything you tell her
  • If she likes you, she'll accept your ideology unquestioningly and try to help you achieve your goals
  • Thinks she's 'bad', but tries hard to be 'good' ('good' = approved of by peers)
  • She's not really smart enough for deception but knows enough to not volunteer that she's a metis to new acquaintances
  • Enjoys kids and animals because they don't confuse her all the time
  • Derangement: Fear of abandonment. If she takes a liking to you, she'll stick to you like glue and it'll be tough to get rid of her...


  • "Are you a good guy or a bad guy?"
  • "Diana is my favouritest, the smartest and most kindest person in the whole world. She gave me a whole chicken!"
  • "Just tell me who to kill."
  • "They said I'm not supposed to have ideas!"


  • Player: Allison
  • Storyteller: Valeria