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Character Information

Name: Dottie Youngblood
Aliases: Dorothy Youngblood, the Old Lady
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
Title or Position: Advocate
History: Timeline

The Ties that Bind



Proportional Response

  • Johann Wolfgang Kaufman von Cappffenburg
  • Trevor Jones
  • Kyle Morgan
  • Catlips (NPC)

Other Friends




  • Mr. Tipple (NPC) Deceased
  • Ilyana (NPC)
  • People who think she's a contract killer
  • People who think she's infernal



  • Authority as Advocate
  • Mandate as Advocate
  • "Old Lady" - her Moniker in The Club


  • Connected
  • Loyal


  • Admired
  • Manager of Brooklyn

What is Said


  • Got drunk one New Years' Eve and woke up the next night married to a cowboy.
  • She contracted the death of Cornelia Mowebary
  • Dottie Youngblood is an infernalist.
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  • "Dottie has an effervescence that one does not often find among our clan. She is both charming and gregarious, one can not help but feel at ease whenever she is nearby." - Phaedra de Chalons
  • "Of all the philosophic sparring partners I've met in my time in America, she is one that I enjoy the most. I look forward to the centuries proving one of us correct." - Avery Michel Latimer
  • "My childe still holds strong to her convictions, a trait that is appreciated and despised." - Elder David
  • "Walking, living proof that we see above Sect lines and treat each other with respect, courtesy, and can work together towards common goals. If you're looking for how having Dottie in my family makes me feel - the word you want is 'honored'." - Simon Flint
  • "The old lady's pretty chill. She's kinda behind the times sometimes, but she's super devoted to Libertas and she lets me live in her basement rent free--do you know how much rent is in NYC? That means a lot." - Kyle
  • "Dottie can pass seamlessly among any social circle she chooses, equally at home among Tower Luminaries and a Movement House Party. Importantly, she can keep both entertained, which is damn near a super power." - Lucy
  • "I'm not going to mess with her. Why would you?" - Bryson Cobb
  • "One of the few in the Movement that's older than I am... and damn if I'm not glad for it. We've seen a lot together, and Clan rivalry bullshit means nothing against that." - Jaguar
  • "It is rare to meet a member of the Movement that I would use the words 'charming' and 'respectful' to reference. Thankfully I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Youngblood. I do hope that she can have a positive impact on the group at large. Not to mention she has an impeccable fashion sense." - Prince Hollis
  • "Political or philosophical differences should not interfere with being able to engage someone as a complete person. I like Dottie as a person and respect that she's got passionate and thoughtful beliefs on the world. So what if we differ politically? The Founding Father's did too and they still produced a good nation." - Lavinia MacDonald
  • "Thomas Jefferson said, 'I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery'. While I would not equate the Camarilla to slavery, I am proud of how this sentiment has taken root in Dorothea and commend her commitment to danger." - Irma Kardoș
  • "Ah, look at our Dottie and how she's smiling. She pointed out that you were being an idiot, huh? I bet you thanked her for it too." - Jack Rider
  • "She was sent to me to be 'fixed'. One can not fix that which is not broken. True Kings do not conform to the whims of others, they may listen to counsel, yes, but they choose their own paths." - Ilythia DuVal
  • "With one phone call she brought the entire might of the Anarch Movement down upon Brooklyn. Make no mistake: in spite of her unassuming demeanor, Elder Youngblood understands the mechanics of power. And how to weild them." - Dar Adan
  • "Too practical to be believed. Too committed to be denied. Don't ask why Elder Youngblood is the Advocate of Brooklyn-- ask what comes next." - Mara Nordahl
  • "I seen only a few, d'ha' can weil' der office as well as dis one, an d'hose in her derri'dory. Dis Elder of da' Cause shows, us why thick blood can still move quickly when given da purpose.'." - Papa Beauxdon
  • ""Of all the Ventrue in New York it hurts me the most to admit that Youngblood is the finest" - Iliana
  • "I know so few Kindred outside of the Camarilla as thoroughly grounded as Advocate Youngblood in both temperament and wisdom, giving unimpeachable truth to the adage that a Kardos Ventrue is quite unlike any other Ventrue." - Bartleby Crane
  • "I have known Dottie for a long time, she has always been a handful in the most polite of ways. Clan of Kings, yes, but Anarch, definitely." - Mila Rurik
  • "An elder ventrue in the anarch movement? It's so rare to see a blue blood willing to get their hands dirty or speak honestly. What a pleasant surprise you are, try not to get killed." - Egil Agmundr
  • "In spite of the rumors floating around regarding Youngblood, I care not one iota whether she lives or dies. The destabilization would be unfortunate, but what can I say." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "The worst thing I can say about Dottie is that she is *irreplaceable*. Her connections with others and her diplomatic acumen are so exceptional, that the free state depends upon her very survival... But it would not have been created without her, either." - Mihai
  • "I had the recent privilege of encountering Advocate Younglood at an display of art sponsored by the Toreador Clan. I can honestly claim the conversation to be one of the highlights of the evening. Intelligence and courtesy are always to be respected, and the Advocate has no shortage of either quality. " - Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir
  • "Elder Youngblood is like no other. Don't let her sometimes matronly demeanor fool you; she is a master tactician and her diplomatic skill cuts deeper than the sharpest blade. The continued success of the Free State of Brooklyn is no accident." - Darwin Ramon y Cajal
  • "A three-eyed bear in the woods like had some like weird things to say about her. But like, what I like remember like the most was a small conclave and like the big and little Kardos like in matching like thrones at the front. But like, I am sure that like the Ventrue are like just as removed from like their Anarch brethren as the Brujah are." - Karma
  • "Met her once, heard a lot of good things about her, hope she doesn't mind working with this little coked up Brujah. I mean, she'll be seeing me if I go to more stuff with Grams." - Juniper Durham

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OOC Information

Player: Abby Estes, US2008072573
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
City: New York, NY
ST: Marshall C.

Ties Sought

  • Anarchs who participate in or benefitted from the Anarch Railroad
  • Old friends who went Cam over the years


  • Abigail Adams
  • Alice Roosevelt

Other PCs

Apocalypse: Hereandthere
Space: Evie Golightly