Douglas Fannon

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Douglas "Defends the Homestead" Fannon

"Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country's cause." - Homer


Name: Douglas Fannon
Deed Name: Defends the Homestead
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Athro
Pack: Briar Pack
Positions: Righ of the Sept of the Rising Moon

The Story

Douglas Fannon is a brother, father, and leader. A 58 year old man that has spent is life fighting the endless war against the Wyrm. He spent his time from the 70s to the late 90's traveling the world hunting down BSDs with his pack Mother's Mercy. He since then returned to San Antonio, TX and the Fannon Farm. He was present during the fall of the San Antonio Caern in 2008. He lead the packs to form the Sept of the Rising Moon in 2011 and has been the Sept Leader ever since.

He is a quick to anger man, but can be fun when he truly feels safe and comfortable. He has one goal, survive.

Family, Friends, and Associates


  • Heard the Fannons tend to be different than the rest of the Tribe they are attached too. Especially since Douglas likes his space, Territory and not talking with his awesome genius for being a general. Or am I mistaken?

Opinions of Others

  • "He's a hard man, but you'll do fine if you remember two things: Pull your own weight, and don't mess with his kids." - Gordon "Skips the Test" Fannon
  • "After witnessing his full fury in Crinos form for over 30 years, there's not many others I'd stand behind going into battle. Yep, I'd definitely feel safe standing behind him..." - Amos Fannon
  • "I've seen a number of Fannons rise and fall over the years, but Douglas is one who's carved a name for himself and risen to the more ways that one. Now, we disagree on a number of things, but the things we do agree on are the most important things. Things like family and protecting others, those are values that we both respect" - Samuel "Old Ironsides" Johnson
  • "He's a good man and a great Garou. He's still learning about how to be a great husband and father, but I surely wouldn't say he's been anything other than good to us." - Josephine "Mama" Fannon
  • "Old, stubborn, and fundamentally incapable of seeing that his path is not the only one a person should walk." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
  • "He's a Sept Alpha ... wasn't one when I left. So far, he ain't given me a reason not to follow him." - Artemis Lassiker
  • "I don't understand or agree with some of his decisions, but he's my daddy. I know he just wants what he thinks is best for us." - Willow Fannon
  • "If the man would take a breath and realize being more stubborn is not always the answer I might mock him less. He still is a good man, though." - Persona Non Grata
  • "I called him "Daddy Fannon" when I was a kid because he was kind to me. Now I'm grown and I follow his orders because he's earned it." - Jo Trevino
  • "God, Gaia, an' Mother Rat, I fuckin' HATE it when he's right." - Judge Taco
  • He is Alpha pack mate, step brother and one hell of fighter wouldn't want any one else in my corner - Cedrick Fannon
  • "Its good that San Antonio has such a strong Sept Alpha. Because when it comes to those under him. Not much leadership can be found. But the Sept Alpha can not be in all places at all times. I had wished I could have seen him in action during the fighting. - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "If the state of the Sept is any indication, he is quite possibly the only thing still holding it together." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "Sometimes, I may wonder if his decrees are wise. But nobody who is sane can question his dedication to family and the Nation." - Ghost in the Woods
  • "So many rumblings about a leader but very few to actually face him. I have heard he is cruel. But he listened to me and spoke with a soft word. As a kinfolk, it is a litmus test built in. I am not a Garou so I cannot speak about him in the way of Garou. But I can say as a kinfolk, he is a good man." - Sylvi Anker
  • "God, sometimes I want to punch him. He's still got the social graces of a wild boar and the sensibility of a toddler. But...there're...still not many people I would rather see as part of the cavalry coming over the hill, when things have gone properly pear shaped. He's an ass and a philistine but he is not a bad alpha." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
  • "Look, everyone seems to think that just because I call out Douglas I want him to be challenged for Sept Alpha. It's not my job to tell folks if our Alpha is deservin' or not, but it is my job to point out when any Garou practices bad judgement, even the Alpha. That bein' said, when he and the rest of his war party flooded the battlefield, I breathed a small sigh of relief. We got outta there by the skin of our teeth, an' the only reason myself, Maeve, Gordon, and Matthew are standin' here today is because he came when I called for help. For all his failin's, that is what makes him a good Alpha; willin' to get his hands dirty and face death with the rest of his Sept." - Amos Fannon
  • "I can respect an Ahroun that stands his ground, but knowing when to lead, and when to stand back is a trait of wisdom i'm not sure he's grasped. It takes more than a great warrior to lead. It takes a General, and a master tactician- not exactly attributes we've seen displayed..." - Fiera de la Camada
  • "He's a good man, he's the best man I've ever met outside my Pa. His willingness to die makes my blood boil though. Will there ever be a garou's wife that doesn't have to spend her nights wandering about praying her family will return?" - Josephine Fannon
  • "One of the things about being a leader, is making the tough calls and then dealing with the consequences. One of those is questioning his ability to handle properly the position he's in, which is the Fool's job, and Amos did. The events of last night need to be a wake up call that our entire sept needs to have a hard look at not only what we're doing, but how we're doing it. We came together after years of divide, and united to bring a piece of this city back to us...we need to remember those days and nights, and continue to burn with the light necessary to beat back the darkness." - Samuel "Old Ironsides" Johnson
  • "No one died, it was a good day" - Cedrick Fannon
  • "No, he doesn't kno- oh for God's sake, if he were really trying to get me killed do you actually think he'd send Maeve?" - Gordon Fannon
  • "We see that he's doing what he can with what he has." - Arturo Mendoza
  • "He ignored me outside of telling the Warder I could come on the bawn. As a fera and as a kinfolk, I actually expect that from a lot of old Garou, I was also told to expect that after first meeting him. Maybe, we could open his eyes one day but until then, I'll take what I got." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "You're not one of the Fannons I listen to!" - Alexis Rangel
  • "I am not sure what to think of him at the moment." - Rose Marie Davis
  • "I don't know why Daddy Fannon has to be such a stubborn old goat!" - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "Some lessons hurt, and for this one I am most sorry. I hope you survive this." - Persona Non Grata
  • "He calls me Coward. It doesn't surprise me. But for the sake of this Sept and it's people, it is time to show him where his blindness is taking him, even if it requires one of us to be a bloody corpse to drive the point home." - Ghost in the Woods
  • "I have nothing but the deepest respect for what Douglas Fannon stood for. He respected tradition like no other. It may be worth the trip home to see if the current Douglas Fannon is the same man that I fought beside for so many years" - Beauregard T. Heisel
  • "For such a gruff man he can be surprisingly charming and gentle." - Rose Marie Davis
  • “I don’t know how many times we can help and defend his Sept during some of its troubling times to be considered more than plain guests to be ignored. I think we’ve already proven we’re here to help after putting our own lives on the line for a place that isn’t even ours.” Priscilla Lamnidae

OOC Stuff

Player: Joseph Knue

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Storyteller: MJ Jackson

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Location: San Antonio, TX