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Name: Douglas "Dougwood" Wood

Type: Changeling

Character Type Subgroup: Elemental Winter Courtier

Motley: OurHouse


Tall, over six feet, with a looming presence. If you had to guess, you might place Douglas Wood at 35 years old, though his eyes express a pain far beyond those years; an eternally sorrowful twinkle. His tanned, windswept, and frequently muddy face is slow to react or show emotion. He dresses in a workman's clothing, always in a collared shirt, vest, and large yellow rain boots. His long hair is frequently tangles and tends to collect pine needles. A cool, almost haunting, breeze seems to blow whilst he is near. His personality is somber, yet stubborn.


Douglas is a common sight around Seattle, though he is frequently overlooked. He prowls the parks and cemeteries of King County, shears in hand, or driving a mower over the lawns. He is not quick to trust, and does not speak of his past before Arcadia. He is distrustful of any beyond his closest friends, though has been known to risk life and limb for a stranger's safety.

Not much is known about Douglas from before or after January of 2011. He burst naked from the recesses of pike place market during the early hours of the 15th, fleeing like all the hounds of H*ll were after him. He was seen crossing the floating bridge and disappearing into the wilds of Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island.

Douglas has been seen intermittently around the Goblin markets, certain Courtiers of the Winter King, and in the company of other Lost.


Player: Ari Kohrn, US2017070027
VST: Mojo Narvaez



  • His stash is really something


  • "M-Mister Douglas walked in front of a moving car so the drivers wouldn't shoot someone. He doesn't ask for much attention, b-but sometimes it's the quietest people who are the bravest." - Spindle
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