Dr. Mortimer Grand

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Dr. Mortimer Grand
Notable Traits: Large man with muscular build and quiet demeanor
Type: Medical Doctor and Scientist specializing in genetics
Union: Merchant


  • Dr. Grand works about the Diligent as the backup medical professional and food production specialist for many years. His main interest as of late is the genetic mapping of the flora and fauna of the Crimson system. He considers the crew of the Diligent to be his friends but doesn't seem to know many people beyond that outside of a professional setting.
  • Age: He looks to be middle aged
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Origin: Used to live in the core worlds but moved to the verge years ago.
  • Hobbies: Genetics, Exploration, Ecosystem analysis, meditation, weightlifting, Wants to learn to play the pipe organ and violin
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  • "Doc! I found this bug ... you want it?" - Bodi Mindree
  • "Could bring me a sample?" Dr. Grand
  • "Here is your kabob." Lane Kugler
  • "I don't believe that is safe to be aboard ship" Dr. Grand
  • "This is your time to shine. Be the best that you can be in whatever you do." Dr. Grand
  • "The only true competition is with the person you were yesterday." Dr. Grand


  • Dr. Grand spends more time in the lab than he does anywhere else.
  • Dr. Grand is rumored to be a follower of the Equilibriumism philosophy
  • Dr. Grand was a part of a emergency rescue team many years ago
  • Dr. Grand blames himself for not being there when his wife died


OOC Information

Player: Shannon Craig
Player Email: Dr. Mortimer Grand
Storyteller: Rebecca Gearhart
Storyteller Email: VST Space IL-009-D
Location: Bloomington Illinois