Dr. Rhonda Halloway

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Dr. Halloway is most recently from Mexico City where she was embraced and trained for years. She isn't descended from any of the still prominent Tzimisce lineages but she speaks and often acts much like the old Romanian members of her clan. Unlike those ancient monsters though, she keeps her face lovely and human, even friendly-looking. This is most likely due to her work as a Geneticist. She is the Chief Scientist of a testing facility at the edge of San Marcos, a newly built center that has provided the city with many jobs. She worked at a similar facility back in Mexico, but there isn't much mentioned about her activities publicly. In fact, if searched for, the only other places her name comes up in news sites is from back in 2010 when five members of a fanatical animal rights group attacked her home and were arrested for arson and attempted murder.




  • Initiated (2002)
  • Fleeting Status

Battle-Scarred by Bishop Carmichael (March 2019)

  • 2001 Embrace
  • 2002 Initiation into the Sabbat
  • 2019 Relocated from Mexico City to San Marcos, TX



  • Her accent sounds kinda Eastern European but she doesn't even speak Romanian.
  • Many of her Szlachta are made from mortals who have investigated her work. Waste not, want not.


Player : Kathryn Lawson "Kat Luka"
Domain : TX-065-D
Region : South Central
Storyteller : Chase Jennings
Phys Reps : Snail Mail address available upon request