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The Lord Doctor Connor Villanueva-93 of Sand and Sea, M.D., Ph.D

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Known Information
Name:Dr. Conner Villanueva-93, M.D., Ph.D
Dept.of Psychosociological Research
BioNueva, Inc.
Notable Traits:Glasses
Lineage:Not Significant
Position:Lord of Sand and Sea

Harpy of San Diego

City:San Diego, CA
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OOC Information
Player: John M. Osborne
Player Email:Email Me
Storyteller:Cameron McCoy
Storyteller Email:San Diego C/A VST
Location:San Diego, CA
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Illustration by Kya Harris
Illustration by Kya Harris
Art by Aaron Cox Photo by Tom Osborne Photography

Primum non nocere - Hippocratic Oath

I may be surrounded by insanity, but I am not insane!" - William T. Riker, "Frame of Mind" ST:TNG 6x21

I would if I weren't serving my fucking Prince preventing a fucking war with talking horses and fairytale creatures. Raincheck? - Dr. Villanueva

We are the Shattered. We hold a broken mirror to the world and demonstrate that there is more there than there. - Dr. Villanueva-93


If what he says is to be believed, Connor was only recently embraced. In life as well as unlife, Connor is a researcher and academic, focused on mass hysteria. He is highly sociable, usually quite friendly, and quick to point out the absurdity of situations in which Kindred find themselves.

In the short time that he's been in San Diego, he's managed to parlay with the local Fae, get trapped within a living hotel, and ghoul a Changeling Lord.

He finds non-violent solutions wherever possible. His research is meant to help preserve the Masquerade - as he has since found out what he had once thought to be urban legends have quite a bit of truth behind them.

Status & Standing

Current standing within the Camarilla Dr. Villanueva is the longest-running concurrent Camarilla court member in recent memory, and has held the positions of Talon, Keeper of Elysium, Seneschal, and now Harpy. He has served three different Princes.


  • Lord of Sand and Sea, Fae Court of San Diego. Awarded when challenging the previous Lord of Sand and Sea and winning.
  • Harpy of San Diego

Abiding Status

As Harpy:

  • Prominent
  • Noble
  • Guardian

Fleeting Status

Innate Status

  • Neonate

Spent Status

  • Courteous - awarded by former Harpy Celeste Beauchamp of San Diego for bringing vital information to the Camarilla Leadership in San Diego.
    • Spent to deflect any offense meant by a recent announcement as Keeper.

Time Line

2015 - Embraced in Olympia, Washington by 93.

2017 - Released

Late 2017 - Arrived in San Diego for a professorship at UCSD.

Present -

  • Encountered "Space Plant Creature" and learned of its origins. This began his research into Fae and their connection to human emotion.
  • Encountered a talking horse and the Knight of Sand & Sea, delivering a message directly to Prince Conrad, who proclaimed him *Loyal* for his efforts.
  • Encountered the Lord of Sand and Sea himself and analyzed his personality.
  • Created a Monster.
  • Met with the Lord of Glass and Shadow, who he apparently knows.
  • April 14, 2017 - Challenged the Lord of Sand and Sea, and won. With the help of members of the IA, Camarilla, and Anarch movement who moved in on the challenge. This effectively ended the war between the Domain of San Diego and the Faerie Court of Sand and Sea.
  • July 2018 - Made Marshal (Keeper of Elysium) by the former Czar Kostilkov after the departure of Enyo, former Keeper and now Prince of San Diego
  • September 2018 - lost a contest to Servire de Luca over a personal conflict. Czar Kostilkov was invoked by Prestation to step down as Czar. However the former Keeper defended the Camarilla from the announcement of aggression by the Independent Alliance, and still defends both Elysia.


  • "This conflict with the Fae will likely be Dr. Villanueva's crucible. I continue to have faith that he will succeed and await my opportunity to reward him for his work should he come out the other side with his psyche intact." - Dr. Winston
  • "In my experience, the clan of the Moon tend to be equal parts insightful and unpredictable. Dr. Villanueva is no exception. Watch him. To use a trite turn of phrase, there's a method to his madness." - Alenzia Komnenos
  • “Conner is sweet in a way that most Kindred aren’t, probably because he’s so young. He reminds me of another sweet young man I knew... nearly a century ago now. I suspect he’ll meet the same fate actually, dying in the service of others and leaving behind people to mourn.” - Marianne Dashwood

Allies and Enemies

  • Prince Murielle O'Connor promoted Dr. Villanueva to Seneschal, after some lobbying on his part.
  • Former Czar Marcus Kostikolv of San Diego, clan-mate and ally as long as he's a helpful loremaster. Presumed Deceased.
  • Dr. James Winston, professional colleague and Chamberlain (Primogen). Disappeared.
  • Marianne Dashwood, Brujah Anarch and Former Camarilla Sheriff of Los Angeles. They are both on the "no-murder train". Usually seen with Dr. Villanueva having mutual mental breakdowns. They both self-righteously hold on to their humanity.
  • Celeste Beauchamp, Former Chancellor of San Diego. Dr. Villanueva is her Vice-Chancellor (Talon).
  • Tony de Luca, Former Toreador Servire of the Southwest. Presumed Deceased.
  • Ambassador John Doe and Doctor Villanueva came to an understanding after the confrontation with the Lord of Sand and Sea, and the Anarch's saving of the Lord of Glass and Shadow.
  • Professor Stavros, a fellow Kindred at UCSD. They have mutual interests. Deceased.
  • Lucien, Ventrue Primogen (Character retired).
  • Leon Harris, Malkavian Anarch Occultist and Mystic.
  • Eli Pisanob, Giovanni with a vested interest in Dr. Villanueva's knowledge. That said - a recent off-hand remark by Villanueva has since put them at odds. Rival. Presumed Deceased.
  • Prince Enyo saved Dr. Villanueva from the eventual collapse of the Lord of Sand and Sea's Freehold.
  • Rosa Giovanni, Guardian of the Sacred Spaces, and former colleague.
  • Serafina Pisanob, fellow loremaster (retired).
  • The Lord of Glass and Shadow - a friend of his.
  • 93, "Stuart", "Wym" - Sire and former Sheriff of Olympia, Washington. Intelligence Gatherer. (Character retired)


Rumors, lies and half-truths

  • He's definitely sane. Absolutely sane.
  • He is not losing it. Despite constant Daymares, talking with fairies, and horses.
  • He is definitely, definitely losing it.
  • Most recent behavior includes defying direct orders by superiors, especially if it's in the interest of his own safety. He believes he has made the right call every time.
  • Personally organized the suspected and failed ambush of Vanessa Colt.
  • Two words: Brown. Noser.
  • Knows 93's real name.
  • 'Blazing Saddles' is his favorite movie tied with 'What Dreams May Come'.
  • Likes to be the small spoon.
  • Lost someone soon after his release from accounting.
  • Openly defied his Sire, invoking the name of his Prince.
  • Noticeably a rising star amongst the Kindred, despite his self-proclaimed age (42).
  • Said on the Malkavian List, "We deserve the Sun"
  • Wants to create a psychological model for supernatural creatures living long past their natural lifespan.
  • Wants to create a DSM - as it were - for Kindred and the like.
  • Personal psychiatrist to those possessed by Fae.



  • "They haven't declared that public knowledge at this time."
    • 93
      • Dr. Conner Villanueva, Ph.D, M.D., 93


THE CAMARILLA: Hierarchical Organizations such as these are both slow to move and quick to jump to incorrect conclusions. Studious advisement can prevent this.

ANARCHS: Full of diverse and interesting people that predictably want to rebel and go their own way.

THE INDEPENDENT ALLIANCE: Surprisingly quite powerful in San Diego, but maybe not due to the prominence of the Pisanobs. Introduced me to my first zombie. Giovianni are quite gregarious and that makes them good company.

THE SABBAT: They have a rather sadomasochistic approach to experimentation.

MORTALS: Not too long ago, I was one. Fascinating how much perspective can change when one moves up the food chain.

HUNTERS: So in San Diego we have roving packs of ghoul vamp addicts as well as large soulless corporations rounding us up for study. Sounds like where I would have gone to if my research hadn't been interrupted.

FAE: Stories of Yeats, Sir Malory and Legend. The Changelings are just as hierarchical as the Camarilla, fashioning themselves after medieval feudal courts. Of course, such leadership doesn't last long, especially amongst its foot soldiers. I need to know more.

WEREWOLVES: I heard of a zombie werewolf and a werewolf hideout. Of silver bullets and tough hides. I don't want to believe.

MAGES: What, now? Tell me more?

GIOVANNI: When you're there, you're family.

SETITES: Worth study, from a distance.

MALKAVIANS: They physician in me would like to fix every one of them, but they tend to be right more than broken clocks. We have too many shrinks in our ranks anyway.

TOREADOR: Clever in both fashion and scheming. And shooting.

TREMERE: Would like to compare notes, but they're not the sharing type.

VENTRUE: Brown-nosing is a skill I learned in academia and applies here as well.

NOSFERATU: The one in town loves to find out secrets and "forget" them.

GANGREL: I must admit I haven't spent enough time with them to stereotype all of them.

BRUJAH: The former Talon and current Sheriff is opinionated and that's wonderful.

CAINE: As my sire likes to say, unfashionably late.

THEM: They have a sense of humor.

Character Inspirations

These are characters from various movies and real life

  • William James, Philosopher and Psychology pioneer, and one of the influences on Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Gustave Le Bon, 1895 Polymath credited with coining and studying "collective hallucination"
More to come