Dragée Sauvage

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Commonly Known to Kindred Society


Name: Dragée Sauvage
Alias: "Sugar Plum"
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 7th
Society: Camarilla
Dignitas: Praiseworthy
Fleeting Status: Loyal in the eyes of Emir al-Katharah, Prince of Orange County, California (obsolete as Praxis changed a while back)
                            Favored by Luminary Elder Alain Martel
Notable Traits

  • Elder of notable age.
  • Scion of House Durandal, held in regency due Roland Alexandros Carmichael being in torpor.
  • Cruel and Libertine to a fault.
  • Rarely attends gathers in his Kindred body, usually being found Possessing a ghoul.
  • Sponsor for the Paxillis gambling house in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Has a perpetual grin/smirk on his face.

Lineage: House Durandal
Childe of Servius Avitus Regulus
Childe of Lysander
Childe of Artemis Orthia
Childe of Ventru

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • He once commanded a Roman Legion.
  • He is, in fact, of the Crusader Bloodline, and merely adopted into House Durandal.
  • He was once on the Road of Kings, Path of Tyrants.
  • He spent nearly 400 years actively hunting Anarch/Sabbat Ventrue following the death of his sire at their hands.
  • He is largely responsible for the reputation of the Crusaders being cruel and relentless.

Commonly Known Acquaintances among Kindred Society

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Character Quotes

Personal Quotes

  • "I may live in the shadow of my Sire and his Sire before him, but far more interesting things happen in the dark, wouldn't you agree?"
  • "Yes, I may be a monster who pretends to be a man, but I at least have the pedigree to back it up. What about those CEOs who put on suits and shark smiles like the skin of some other beast, but under it all they are just as craven and wanting as the beggars they step on? Civility is the most delicious of lies and I am nothing if not a commensurate liar."
  • Glances down at his mangled hand at a party, "Oh, this? Well, I slapped this harlot across the face and she responded by crushing my hand! Look! I mean, all the bones were just positively pulverized. It was excruciating! This skin suit is never going to play piano again. Ah well!"

Quotes from Others

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  • "He is an unspeakably abhorrent monster who nightly bets the last threads of his humanity against the impossible chance that he might feel something again, but hey, he pays well." Holly Wood
  • "He is very good at dying. If I could only help him find...faith." Salvo Giovanni di Calderari
  • "Look, the things you've heard aren't true. Nothing you have heard can adequately describe the monster he truly is, and I would not speak on it further were I you." Meg Sloan
  • "I don't know why everyone is so concerned, my Grandsire is an upstanding gentleman. Of that much I assure you." Murielle O'Connor

OOC Information

Player: William Lockwood US2002023482

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Storyteller: Jonathan Ingram

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