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Ehroth's Themes (Playlist)

Mick Gordon - Rip & Tear (Doom 2016 OST)

Miracle of Sound - Hell to Pay

Miracle of Sound - Fires Fade

Dark Souls OST - Grey Grey Wolf Sif

The Heavy - This Ain't No Place for a Hero (Short Change Hero)

JAM Project - The Hero!

Jonathan Young - The Hero! (English Cover)

Evanescence - My Immortal

Equilibrium - Blut Im Auge

Rammstein - Stirb Nicht Vor Mir

Jonathan Young - Numb (Cover)

Aviators - Let There Be Fire

Miracle of Sound - Ode To Fury

Distant Worlds - Liberi Fatali

Amon Amarth - The Pursuit of Vikings

Rammstein - Feuer Frei

Dragonland - Supernova

Papa Roach - Reckless

JAM Project - Seijaku no Apostle

Jonathan Young - Uncrowned Greatest Hero

Blind Guardian - Curse My Name

Character Description

Name: Ehroth to most, operates under the business name of Eric Wroth. Known as Drake to only a very select few.

Notable Traits: Very tall (Giant). Exudes an extremely hot and intimidating aura at all times (Mantle 5 - Nova). His bearing makes most people think twice before staring a fight with him. (Air of Menace). Is a notable Scavenger Captain with a reputation for efficiency when it comes to dishing out justice, known as The Dragon (Fame 1).

Society: Court of the Nova, Mercenary Union, Scavenger Captain.



Gender: Male [He/Him/His]

Apparent Age: 27

Actual Age: Unknown

Height: 7' 7"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Muscular

Mien - These days, Ehroth has taken to showing his Mien rather than his Mask

Height: 9' 6"

Hair: None.

Eyes: Red, reptilian

Build: Animalistic, muscular


Flicker, a small black draconis that once accompanied Ehroth almost everywhere he went. Though as of late she has been absent from his presence, and instead nestles with Kyrii.


Littleflame.png 4067 - Born in a remote location in the Verge
Littleflame.png 4092 - Has a baby girl with his girlfriend at the time
Littleflame.png 4097 - Has an affair with a Lady from the Core, unbeknownst to him, she falls pregnant as a result and has a baby girl who grows up to be Nova.
Littleflame.png 4099 - Disappears entirely without a trace
Littleflame.png 4102 - Re-emerges in another area of the Verge without any explanation, or seemingly any memory. He starts doing bodyguard work frequently.
Littleflame.png 4102 - Takes a bodyguard contract for Nicola on her Safari business.
Littleflame.png 4106 - Nicola goes missing, Ehroth searches for her to no avail.
Littleflame.png 4110 - Rescues Quasar
Littleflame.png 4111 - Quasar Mysteriously disappears
Littleflame.png 4112 - Ehroth mysteriously vanishes again.
Littleflame.png 4114 - Arrives on Wayfinder Station
Littleflame.png 4115 - Begins working for Alek as a bouncer for Club Nebula.
Littleflame.png 4118 - Is surprised by the arrival of Iskra, one of his long-lost daughters.
Littleflame.png Late 4118 - Officially recognised as a Scavenger and becomes Captain of the Blood Bucket.
Littleflame.png Early 4119 - Takes the Scavenger Flotilla away from the Tanaris System, and guides them through into previously-unexplored territory, ending up in The Xiva-Tau Nebula.

Public Information

Littleflame.png He was the bouncer for Club Nebula, on Wayfinder station.
Littleflame.png There was a certain closeness between him and the staff of the club.
Littleflame.png Formerly mated to Quasar.
Littleflame.png Was a minor celebrity among patrons of BAMF-Inc due to the flashy bloodiness of his fights.
Littleflame.png Is the Captain of the Scavenger vessel known as "The Blood Bucket", a fearsome ship reputed for hunting down enemies of the Scavenger families and bringing them to appropriate "justice".
Littleflame.png Was both the Head of Security aboard Unity Station and the representative of the Scavengers on the Council.
Littleflame.png Lives up to his reputation as "One Punch Dragon". Lately, his punches have been known to cause explosions that level buildings.


Littleflame.png Drake accidentally mixed the wrong drinks together and ended up as he is. Really who gets that damn big! Maybe that rumor about an ancient novel by Lewis Carroll is true about drinking the wrong potions.
Littleflame.png Drake is supposedly a Dragon, but has no hoard. Wtf is up with that?
Littleflame.png Word on the decks is that there's another dragon on the station masquerading as a feline. Word also has it that this dragon has a horde worthy of the Dynastic Houses. Now THAT'S are real dragon.
Littleflame.png Always seems to abruptly leave whenever Evander shows up with his cat... some say they smell fear from him.
Littleflame.png Drake is a ruthless crime lord, everyone on Wayfinder knows it, everyone on Wayfinder also knows not to say a word unless you want to be added to his "hoard."
Littleflame.png One Punch Dragon.
Littleflame.png In normal fights he relies on teeth and claws, but when he truly needs something to die quickly, that's when he relies on his punch to take them out in a single blow.
Littleflame.png Is really from the core. Some rich family owned a pet dragon. It's a bad idea to flush them down the toilet.
Littleflame.png His scales aren't naturally red. He's just punched so many people that the blood just won't scrub off anymore.
Littleflame.png His ferocity in the arena is a compensation for...other failings.
Littleflame.png Yep the socks are just as big as the boots.
Littleflame.png Plays instruments like a professional.
Littleflame.png Is the last surviving were-lizard.
Littleflame.png All his fights are staged. His big talk is obviously hiding the fact that he is a secret lover of Dresden Nightstone.
Littleflame.png He has a severe allergy to cats.
Littleflame.png He has never thrown what he considers a serious punch.
Littleflame.png (Feel free to add your own)


Littleflame.png "A gentle giant, Ehroth is a wonderful big brother and guardian all wrapped into one." Rain McAnbis
Littleflame.png "I owe him so much. It's strange to meet him again after so many years." "Who?" Quasar
Littleflame.png "Still and slow to speak. I find his presence least intrusive." Tristan Katharos
Littleflame.png "Without him glowering at me from the corner I'd have already started fights I'd've regretted. A true unsung hero." Evander Katharos
Littleflame.png "Much love Papa. Always." - Iskra
Littleflame.png "He is much like me, in many ways. Strong, honourable, and does not like the shit that others with loud mouths bring. I am proud to call him my friend, and my brother." - Hafal Ur
Littleflame.png "Quasar's mate. Didn't think she'd ever. Must be something there besides tall." "growls" - ELYL
Littleflame.png "I always feel safer with Ehroth around. Keeps my head on my shoulders." - Axion
Littleflame.png "His prowess is both impressive and makes me happy that he is on our side. There are few that I'd rather have standing beside me in a fight." Magnus Duskthorne
Littleflame.png "There is something about Ehroth...I can't put my finger on it but I feel safe around him. He became my brother so quickly almost as if we had met before" Calli
Littleflame.png "The father that I remember was a farce. Ehroth is my real father....the one I wished I'd had." Nova
Littleflame.png "What the big guy? .... Best. Drinking. Buddy. Ever!" Socket
Littleflame.png "They say that when you first leave home one makes many mistakes. I was alone, I was scared. I hired him and my life changed forever. Though our time together was far too short, it was never a mistake." Nicola
Littleflame.png "He holds the keys to my heart. I love you, my darling dragon." "No really, who?" Quasar
Littleflame.png "When others see your strength and call it weakness, it is because they see their own faults. You are magnificent the way you are." Diamond
Littleflame.png "O childe, Nurse lies to thee, for dragons though shalt see. Please Divine on that day, thou may'st a dragon slay. And if thou dost note faint, the Universe shall not want a Saint." Fabien_Phist
Littleflame.png"Even if he is a big red git sometimes, he gets it. He understands." Adley
Littleflame.png"The Blood Bucket was made for him. Hell have you seen how good he looks in those colours. Damn..." Adley
Littleflame.png "He's a good guy. Mostly. Can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but in general, always good for a fight or a good time." Stardust
Littleflame.png (Feel free to add your own)

Friends, allies, and others

Littleflame.png Quasar, his former mate.
Littleflame.png Alek, his friend, and former Boss.
Littleflame.png Rain, his friend.
Littleflame.png Nicola, a very old friend, indeed.
Littleflame.png Adley, a dragon's wife.
Littleflame.png Diamond, a fellow Mercenary and good friend of a dragon.
Littleflame.png Nova, his daughter.
Littleflame.png Stardust, someone he protected before, and in return helped him escape.
Littleflame.png (Feel free to add yourself)

OOC Information

Player: Drakka

Story Teller: Kate Wadey

Coordinator: Josie R

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).

Credit to Cali C. for creation and coding of this wiki page.