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Mark Landkammer




Fon De Luc Police Department File

Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Blue Eyes
Hair: Sandy Brown Hair
Unique Qualifications: Black Belt in Martial Arts
Community Outreach Activities: Known to help local charities and volunteer for the local D.A.R.E. group.


Drake hails from Green Bay, and son to Elena and Jacob Banner. He was a very energetic kid growing up, but always complained to his parents about his nightmares.

Even after his graduation from East High, he still had the nightmares.

Even after Police Academy and College for Police Training and Law, he had the nightmares.

Even after joining the Fon De Luc Police Department, the nightmares came.

It was not until 2015 that his nightmare finally caught him, and he was forced to become what he is now.

-Note, Drake is currently the head of the Compact for Fon Du Loc.

Ancient horror


Feeds off the guilt brought by others

Does not need blood or death to be fed.


Drake is a direct descendant of Lady McKenzie Lady McKenzie

Alpha, Drakes beast, only gains Satiety off Donuts.

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"Does a Legacy mean so much to you that you see to burn a swath through the lives of people because you need to show something more of yourself? No wonder we get a bad rap."

"I will fill the paperwork out tomorrow, chief."

"Whisper into the darkness of the night should you every need me. Then I shall appear before you" - Lady McKenzie

"He seems... Kinder, softer than most of us. I can only imagine what happens when he snaps." - Aura

"Leader of the Great Lakes Compact. Ha! Little more than Mara's mouthpiece and a liar to boot." - Tag

"I s-super appreciate his commitment to justice. I'm really glad he's the leader instead of, um...m-maybe I should stop talking?" - Spindle

"He is what humans should hope to be, and what monsters wish they could remember." - Rhea

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Friends and Co-workers

Link Guy

Lady McKenzie

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