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Information Known by the Kunspawn

Name: Dredges-Unsea's-Corruption-from-the-Vast-Expanses-of-Sea

Brief Description: Abyssal Mystic

Slew: Abyssal Maw

Breed: Squamus

Auspice: Darkwater

Rank: Of The Deeps

OOC Information

Player: Tony Perry

Storyteller:Eddie Sanchez

Character Location: MES Virtual


Information Known by the Dirtwalkers

Nothing at all.


He loves sunglasses and is making a collection of them.
Knows what is in the bottom of Venice Canals.
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"He's from a incredibly beautiful shark species but don't let it fool you, he's just as much predator and hunter as any other Rokea. I saw him in battle and he is a force to be reckoned with." - Priscilla Lamnidae
"I am not afraid of him. Fenrir know to face fear and become stronger from it. But, to say he is not intimidating, or worthy of the respect of a warrior, is to be foolhardy. With this creature, as long as he is not circling me, I will ensure I am on his side. It's wise to respect him, and seek his respect." - Sylvi Anker
"Is what wolves darkwaters should strive to be" Shipsinker
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Fellow Hunters

Priscilla Lamnidae
Insert Ally
Insert Ally