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" One of the most recognized faces in the verse - Truly a universal treasure "

Character Description

  • Name: Dresden Nightstone
  • Notable Traits: Striking Looks, Verse-wide Famous Actor
  • Society: Nebula
  • Seeming: Fairest
  • Kith: Nightsinger
  • Home Port: Deutune, Xion-Taul


  • Gender: Male
  • Apparent Age: 27 (ish)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Hair: shoulder length, slightly wavy and dark brown
  • Eyes: Brown

Born of the Sheltered Elite, He rose to fame at an early age, acting in vids, and with a successful musical career as well. Taken by the fairest courts


  • 4091 Born
  • 4112 Taken spent unknown years in Arcadia in a Gilded Cage.
  • 4116 Escaped Arcadia
  • 4118 Came to Wayfinder Station to try to reconnect with Iskra


  • "Star Captain Adventures Series" - 10 Vid Series of Films follows Captain Martin Shilling (played by Dresden Nightstone) who leads a band of outlaws with hearts of gold. As they travel the verse, helping the downtrodden and thieving from the corrupt and wealthy.

  • "Predator Jungle 1: Who Hunts Who" - Mike Manchester (played by Dresden Nightstone) fights off werewolves in the jungles of Auralia Prime, as they hunted him like a trophy!
  • "Predator Jungle 2: Claws Revenge" - Mike Manchester returns to the jungles to try to extract survivors of a crashed ship before they are hunted.
  • "Predator Jungle 3: Enemy of My Enemy" - Mike Manchester is once again placed on the jungles of Auralia Prime only to discover an evil entity of pure instinct and destruction is endangering the whole planet. Mike must put aside his differences and work with the Werewolves to destroy this newly arisen evil.

  • "Rage of War" - Series of Four Documentaries on the Thurisaz War.

  • "Crystal Prime" - Daniel Dunnette's singing career is over by a mistake made at the performance academy of music. After his disgrace, he is approached to use his perfect pitch to mine crystals. But the crystals don't want to be mined.

  • "Love's The Battlefield" - David Smyth (Dresden Nightstone) is a damaged war veteran who lost everything he cared about, Evette is a nurse who lost her husband. Together they try to heal each other's hearts as they touch each other's soul.

  • "Savage Secret" - Marcus Sharp (Dresden Nightstone) infiltrates a enemy facility to steal intelligence on the Mad Thurisaz Commander Paine. Only problem is the info is encoded into the beautiful Desdemona Swan. Can they find the secrets to save the universe.

  • "Those Who Watch" - Oli(Ol-eye), a young human living in the life support vents of the vessel UNSC Ithya, is taken on as the apprentice of an assassin after accidently falling on her mark, killing them. He is trained in gathering information and trailing targets, using his status as a "vent rat" as a cover.

  • "Ships!" - Supernatural Hi-jinks in Space! Veteran Dorian Steel is paired with rookie Jonathan Giles testing the limits of a veteran's patience in surviving the life of a bounty hunter.

  • "Rebel in Brown" - Leader of a spaceship crew of misfits, we see Dresden as a suave captain outwitting the Corp and smuggling cargo across the universe until he meets a mysterious woman captain that causes him to use all his skills to avoid her trap. The dance scene between the captains won acclaim.

  • "No Surrender No Retreat" - An undercover drug sting takes a drastic turn when Detective Sebastian Reeves discovers black market organ sales being supported by his own department.

  • "The Turning of a Screw" - Repair man Calvin Harris loses his job due to a construction accident. Devastated he's offered a new outlook on life. State of the art technology with only one catch. He's programmed to dance to the tango of the sheets. Rated xxx

  • "Lawful Stupid" - Officer Jax Smith (Dresden Nightstone) is a lovable cop apart of the Paradise PD on the planet Haelstrom, recently he has been paired up with no nonsense supernatural officer Maria Maxson, together they bumble into foiling criminal rings, illegal plug-in doctors, and much more in this comedy, action packed romp!

  • "Love's Undying Embers" - "Nightstone's turn into serious drama for once seems to pay off. The lack of explosions or full nude scenes actually makes it easier to see that he does have some real talent in there somewhere. His portrayal of Henderson Calloway from the best-selling book series is surprisingly poignant, and I for one wouldn't mind seeing him reprise the role of the Verge-skimming smuggler. They would have to recast his love interest though. She was single-emotion rubbish." - Serra Lori, Entertainment Reviewer, Shooting Stars Monthly

  • "Finish Line" - Stalwart space racer and former Marine Jaysen "Dash" Ivers gets into the biggest event of his life. There's just one problem - someone has kidnaped his fiance and threatens to kill them if Dash doesn't do what they want. Can he save his reputation, his ship, and his fiance - all while winning the race?


  • Has never been seen with a shirt on.
  • Dude is a vampire, I'm telling ya! And I bet it happened on that one movie about the Werewolves, too!
  • Dresden likes to fill his life with the finer things, Red Wine, Red Carpet, Red leather couches, Red suits, Red Heads of any gender...
  • His whole life is a lie. He is actually Ranagig Kraz, an impersonator while the real Dresden took an elementals place.
  • Space Fabio!
  • Married to Iskra Nightstone
  • Dresden is a woman!
  • Dresden is getting ready to run for office in Xion Taul System.
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  • "Iskra feeling for Dresden, Much strong. Dresden is kind, care much for Iskra." - Iskra
  • "He should take better care of his ship. But he pays well." - Tristan Katharos
  • "A much-needed addition of Core refinement. Not bad on the eyes, either. Just don't tell him I said that." - Evander Katharos
  • "His vids aren't very good. And he peoples worse than me." - Elyl
  • "He acts like a human...the casino may prove to be good for Wayfinder, or it may attract the wrong kind of attention, you know...humans from the core." - Hafal Ur
  • "He looked into the eyes of a dragon and said he wanted to date the daughter of said dragon. Bold man. Or foolish. I'm hoping the former." - Ehroth
  • "He's alright but those fucking movies .... Well they do say no one is perfect." - Socket
  • "Where does the image end and the man begin?" - Xavier
  • "Some persons choose to live on the edge, others fear it and seek to live lives of quiet desperation. This one is the holy fool: he lives dangerously without fear or foresight. I pray he continues to benefit from the grace of the Divine, lest I be the unfortunate instrument of his damnation." - Fabien_Phist
  • Pass this man a whiskey on the rocks. Beneath that pretty shell there is a spark waiting to be more. - Alek Hawthorne
  • "He has the potential to change the world with his image." Magnus
  • "Fixed his nose. Fucker probably shits creds. I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before... then again he ain't that rememberable." Adley Traze
  • "There are moments when he lets all the bullshit fall to the side and is just a person. He can be kind and thoughtful and even helpful, but generally only when he isn't getting in his own way. - Calli
  • "My boss is generally a huge fucking idiot. But he pays me. So I protect his ass." - Flynn Mason
    • "I remember you - I remember us. Our love is written in the stars, my beloved, my Prince, my knight. my Husband." - Iskra Nightstone

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Friends, allies, and others

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OOC Information

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  • Location: Hawaii
  • Intergalactic Fame Approval: USA-NET-CS-1802-043241
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