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Name: Gordon "Drinks Deep" Lattimer
Tribe: Uktena
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Athro
Pack: Checks & Balances
Sept: TBD

Notable Traits:

  • Carries a staff covered in occult items, bones and other odd objects.

1. Gordon was born in 1980 in Upstate New York near the town of Tonawonda
2. First change was 1992 in the Hudson Valley – upstate New York
3. 1994 Moves to Atlanta with parents, joins Sept of Lonely Mountain
4. Late Feb 2008 vanished from the Sept of Lonely Mountain during a rank trial – presumed dead
5. Wandered into New Mexico area alone and spent several months/years on a vision quest with the spirits of Peyotes brood.
6. Picked up a young Kitsune after her first change in Oklahoma spent several years traveling with her.
7. 2010 Traveled to the Sept of the Hollow Heart in Brazil and begin studying there under one of their Theurges Spirit Vine.
8. 2011 Attained the rank of Adren
9. 2014 Attained the rank of Athro
10. 2015 Returned to the American South West and continued his spiritual journeys meeting Clickbait along the way.
11. 2016 Joins Checks & Balances after returning to the Atlanta area.


  • "He taught me his ways and helped shape the shifter that I have become. For that, I love him. Even if his giant wolf paws regularly step on my tail." - Chula
  • "Please add one!" - Name
  • "Please add one!" - Name


  • He's always high.
  • While trying to avoid a position of leadership he accidentally stumbled backwards into being the Sept Betas.
  • He has a caged bane somewhere in his territory that he tortures for secrets and gnosis.
  • He's doesn't have a drop of Native American blood in him.
  • He likes being petted.

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OOC Information:
Player: Matthew York
Storyteller: Mike Boaz
Coordinator: Rowan Artemis