Drums Like Thunder

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Drums Like Thunder

Character Information

  • Name: Crowsong
  • Deed Name: Drums Like Thunder
  • Rank: Adren
  • Auspice: Galliard
  • Tribe: Shadow Lords
  • Breed: Lupus
  • Sept Location: Vancouver, CA
  • Sept Totem: TBD
  • Pack: TBD
  • Pack Totem: TBD

Notable Traits

  • She tends to be followed by crows.
  • She is more often seen in homid than lupus, which is odd.
  • She walks with an unsteady gait on two legs.


  • Those who knew her well know that she is one of the lupus who age in wolf years.
  • She was born three years ago (2016), and already looks about thirty in her homid form.
  • She's spent most of that time in a lupus pack in the Yukon - a big family from the same Shadow Lord kin-wolf family - all of them aging fast like that. It would have been strange if she hadn't earned Fostern rank in that environment by the time she was in her second year (2018). She has already lived a fourth of her expected life.
  • But, a spirit - and let's be honest, might have been a trickster - told her, told all of them, they could have so much more time to fight the Wyrm if they spent their days in homid. No more time in wolf. That was what was burning their candle so fast. Most of them laughed. But she couldn't shake the idea. Wasn't it at least worth a try? A test, to learn the truth for all of them?
  • Her birth pack had sharp claws and closed minds. She could try it, but not around them. They needed to be able to run and hunt together. In the wilds and the umbra.
  • So, they were all glad for her to join a traveling pack passing through the area, heading south (February 2018- February 2019). Mostly homid. Strange. They taught her the basics. She liked the possibility of hands. She added drumming to her howling chants, and it felt like she'd connected to something good and true. Her songs are remembered. They have new power. Now, they call her Drums like Thunder.
  • But a year elapsed (February 2019), and she kept aging with it. No change. The traveling pack didn't care. But they also didn't believe. The ragabash mocked her openly. Started making fun of her awkward gait. Pushing her to let go of this fantasy maybe, and embrace all the forms available to her. But she hated that. So, she struck out on her own.
  • She's found her way to a new sept (May 2019), coming ever further south down through the Canadian forests. All the way to Vancouver. Maybe she can find a new pack here... Though a Silver Fang sept leader is not a good omen.


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  • "She has eyes everywhere. Assume she is watching. And listening."
  • "Her drumming and chanting… It’s pretty feral stuff for a Shadow Lord. Not exactly the violin type. But you feel it in your heart. And it seems to work on animals and spirits sometimes, too."

OOC Information
Player Name: Kathy Empson
MES Number: US2005096553
Email Address: millie.mayne@gmail.com

Storyteller Name:Valeria Stephens