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Duke "Dusk Rider" Colt is a gunslingin', gun crafting, cowboy of a Toreador. He's known for crafting masterwork guns and other weaponry for elders and princes.

General Information

Name: Duke Colt
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Location: New River Valley, VA
Notable Traits:

  • Very tall and bald
  • Mid thirties in appearance

Known History

  • 1840 - Embraced by Grace Scott in Silver City, New Mexico
  • 1855 - Moved to Blacksburg, VA to take advantage of the Civil War and to sell his fine weapons to the officers of said war, on both sides
  • 1904-1927 - Sheriff of New River Valley under Prince Io, before leaving and making sure someone else could handle the duties of Sheriff
  • 1960 - Came back to NRV
  • 2009 - Became Sheriff again in New River Valley, VA

Friends and Allies



Contact Info

Player: Shawn L, us2003041484
Email: shawn.looker@gmail.com
Location: New River Valley (Blacksburg), VA
ST Info: Sarah Helwig, nrv.vst.vampire@gmail.com