Duncan Dunsirn

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Duncan "Didi" il Bardi Dunsirn

Notable Traits: Flamboyant and Friendly, sometimes in a kilt others in a seersucker

Clan: Giovanni

Lineage: Cobhair Seilbheachd

Society: The Independent Alliance

Status: Venerated and Established as an Emissary of the Independent Alliance


Duncan "DiDi" il Bardi Dunsirn is an Elder of clan Giovanni, a businessman, and boon trader of note. Always as willing to sit and talk as to conduct business, he is usually escorted by one of his daughters. The only time he is serious is if someone threatens to break a deal or violate confidentiality.


  • 1675- Duncan Il Bardi Dunsirn is born to Symon Dunsirn a Scottish businessman and Rosalinda Il Bardi, a daughter of an Italian merchant family.
  • 1695- The Bank of Scotland is founded
  • 1705- Proxy Kiss by Malatesta Giovanni
  • 1714- Embraced by Hamish Dunsirn.
  • 1800 - Moved to Savannah to take advantage of the Port
  • 1860 - Savannah is closed due to the Discourteous Courtesy
  • 1860 - Moved to Macon Ga
  • 1954 - Locates his decendant Catriona Dunsirn in Boone NC.
  • 1994 - Spent time in St. Louis assisting Prince Daniel Lipinsky with investigating St. Louis.
  • 2000- Spent time in New Orleans on a Contract for Aaron Locke.
  • 2001 - Spent time in San Francisco assisting Rain
  • 2011, May 20 - Independant Alliance was formed in Nevada
  • 2011, June 16 - Survived Hell Night and the evacuation of Macon, GA by partnering with local Anarchs.
  • 2012 - Blood Accord Signed in Chicago
  • 2012 - Returns to Savannah as Emissary and Don.

Friendly Relations

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  • Aaron Locke- He seems to have good relations with the Elder Malkavian due to some work they did together.
  • Aria Giovanni- He was seen assisting her in establishing the IA in Macon, GA in July 2017.
  • Jean-Louis- The Ravnos seems to have earned some measure of respect from Duncan....somehow.


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  • "It was a pleasure working with him. He is everything a Giovanni should strive to be like." Aria Giovanni
  • "We could not have pulled off our healing ceremony without his assistance. The logistics boggled my mind but he put it together effortlessly. The world may not know it, but they have much of their inner peace due to the works of that man." Rain


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  • His "Daughters" are his mortal children as well as his decendants.
  • He is a potent necromancer despite his claims to the contrary.
  • He is terrified of the Fae, that is why he carries a cold iron cane.