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Known to the Nation


Name: Duskcaller

Deed Names: "Howls-from-Beyond-Tomorrow", formerly "Silence-of-Winter"

Rank: Elder (5)

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Red Talons

Camp: Lodge of the Predator Kings

Pack: The Unbound

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams, San Francisco CA

Position: None


Duskcaller is a hardened veteran of the Age of Apocalypse whose experiences have honed him into a determined, forceful advocate for the Wyld. Having traveled the breadth of America from North Carolina to California, he has seen first hand time and time again the damage that humanity has done to the world. The Galliard’s resolve makes him a bit of a zealot and though he is wise to mankind’s ways, he defiantly and proudly speaks of a time when wolves ruled the world, longing to return to it.

Born to Thistlechar, the Tribal Councilor for the Red Talons, Duskcaller's upbringing and pedigree have led to a deep commitment to his tribe. As a Galliard, he has journeyed across the worlds to recover the lost stories of the children of Griffin.

Physical Characteristics

Duskcaller appears to be an adult male red wolf with a tapestry of scars, the most notable of which is on his right forepaw. He is known for a contemplative, sometimes penetrative stare. He almost never adopts a bipedal form, instead preferring to remain in Lupus and shifting to a bulky Hispo form when in combat. He will sometimes adopt Crinos for very formal occasions or rituals.


  • 1996: Born as a red wolf in North Carolina, Duskcaller was third in a litter of six.
  • 1997: Pairs with his first mate, “Skywatcher”.
  • 1998: Undergoes his First Change when most of his wolf pack, including Skywatcher and his young cubs, is killed by a group of drunk frat boys on a lark. He frenzies and kills most of them, hunting down the last two over a series of days.
  • 1999: Goes through his Rite of Passage with other Red Talons on a quest to find and eliminate a bane polluting a forest’s drinking water supply.
  • 2002: Undertakes his Fostern challenge, to learn English and talk to a human for three days. An Uktena gave him this challenge in hopes of lightening him up, but it only reinforces his desire to cull humanity.
  • 2003: Finds a new mate (“Riverchaser”), has four litters of children with her, three of which survive. (Opportunity for PCs ties as family or PCs/NPCs as Wyrm antagonists)
  • 2004: Meets Clickbait at a Convocation and immediately hates him based on his name, a term Duskcaller understands to be the culmination of his distaste for humanity.
  • 2007: Adren challenge begins when Duskcaller finds his mate and cubs/juveniles all killed by a Pentex team. His challenge is to find each person responsible for making this decision at their home and kill them. It takes him the better part of a year, with a team including Aleksandra Laskaris and Hunts-the-Broken to track down each individual and do so.
  • 2008: Moves to Eastern Arizona.
  • 2010: Pairs with a new mate (“Dawnseeker”). Has five litters with her, all surviving. (Opportunity for PC ties as family.)
  • 2012: Windchaser and Stormbringer are born.
  • 2013: Athro Challenge: Duskcaller is given the task of traveling to the Tribal Homelands to learn the stories of the primordial Red Talons, some of whom started the Impergium. (Opportunities for PC ties as mentor/mentee relationship, Lupus connections.)
  • 2015: Meets Avery “Swift-Claws” Kessler, a Cliath Black Fury. Avery, wishing to learn how to better exist as a wolf, seeks out a Lupus teacher to understand. Duskcaller, deeply amused at the irony of his Fostern challenge, agrees.
  • 2016: Dawnseeker dies of natural causes.
  • 2016: Moves to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • 2017: Forms his pack "The Unbound".
  • 2017: After recovering the shard seed from a fallen Glass Walker Sept, Duskcaller leads the Garou of the Bay Area to planting it. Becomes the leader of the newly founded Sept of Reborn Dreams
  • 2017: Earned "Gallant" from Sabine "Silver-Swift" Lacoix at the Concolation in Austin for speaking against allowing Fera to sit on an Auspice Council or be Sept Leaders.
  • 2019: Completes his Elder Challenge: to learn the stories of the lost Sept of Endless Winter and pacify an elemental named The-Stillness-of-Light
  • 2019: Steps down from Sept Leader of the Sept of Reborn Dreams, announcing that he would be traveling to Alaska for the foreseeable future.
Duskcaller at NCRE


  • Duskcaller has had a human child.
  • The Galliard secretly has a fascination with the Weaver that he hid from his mother as a pup.
  • Duskcaller saw something on his Athro challenge that convinced him it was possible to restart the Impergium.
  • His hate is so powerful that he uses it as a weapon, killing with it.
  • Duskcaller has studied human history extensively.
  • Duskcaller hasn't adopted Homid or Glabro for 15 years.
  • His homid form is a strikingly attractive man who has been mistaken for a Chippendale dancer.
  • Traveled hundreds of miles on foot (paw?) to hand-deliver flowers to Catalin Corbeanu as part of their budding hatemance.
  • Squad Goals privately refers to him as "Duskpooper".
  • Enjoys Raffi.
  • In his travels to learn stories, he has sworn strange oaths to spirits, forbidding him from speaking names.
  • Was proposed to by a homid kinfolk.
    • He didn't say no.

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The Few (Allies)

Ora James
Aleksandra Laskaris
Avery "Swift-Claws" Kessler
Broken Promise
Thirsts For Blood
Shiva's Dove

The Many (Enemies and Antagonists)

Arnold "Clickbait" Luciano
Catalin "Cat" Corbeanu

Whispers on the Wind (Quotes)

Duskcaller character sketch

"I have learned many things from humans. The first was how to hate."

“I’m not saying humanity is awful. I would be willing to argue that later, but time is short, and their sins are too many. No, all I am saying to you now is that seven billion of anything is a lot.”

“I frown on many Glass Walkers, but my contempt for their Galliards exceeds all others. Talesingers are meant to spread not just messages but feeling far and wide. Rather than doing that, the Glass Walkers have been ensnared by the Weaver’s most devious trap: words and numbers.”

"I have a secret love. Well perhaps it is not so secret. I often hear the howls and songs of the wolves carried by the spirits and I cannot help but listen. The inflection and tone can be sharp and curt and blunt, but still important in their message. The songs of the wolf born however are a different thing entirely. The few chances I get to hear the songs of Duskcaller, I am always stunned by their detail. It is rare to hear just how perfectly captured the color of a sunset is, or the thrill of your heart thundering in your chest on the hunt; the exact smell of the first fall of leaves in Autumn. His songs reach the core of me, of the truths that only a bear’s heart can know. How…how does he do that? So when I hear his songs, I will always, always stop and listen." - Denali Deep-Song

"I learned a very important lesson from Duskcaller; I am still learning it. That is, you can never know how far anyone will go, until you understand how deep their pain is. And Duskcaller's pain is an ocean in a storm." - Lines of Light

"We're the best of frenemies. It's not the politics; it's just that we can't stand each other. Which is a shame, because we keep saving each others' tails. In one case, literally." -- Song of the Fury Road

"We have both human and wolf in what we are. My tribe must remember they are wolves but the Red Talons must learn of their new ties to humanity after their change. I look forward to seeing what Duskcaller and I can teach each other about our tribes' perspectives." -- StrongTalk

"When I was a pup I fell into a stream during the spring thaw. The current was at once both deafening and silent, so completely did it swallow me. When I broke through the water's surface to the air beyond the sound of the woods in my ears was as much a relief as the oxygen in my lungs. Attending the Grand Concolation has reminded me that the words of my elders are as much of Gaia as her life-giving air, and I need them as desperately as I need my breath." - Haunts-the-Forest

"I have been told that what he said at Concolation was worth hearing. Unfortunately, he chose to speak them from a form I could not understand. The respect he seems to command from others is to be noted, though, and his are stories I would like to hear." - Madison Walsh

"He understands the true perils that our Mother faces." - Momo

"The wisdom in his words is lost in his aggressive tone. The Fenrir can hear it and are strengthened by it." - Thrall Larssen

"One cannot obtain understanding without being challenged. Duskcaller was a surprising source of wisdom at a grand event, and made me consider the rightness of my own words in a way no other did. Proof, then, that wisdom is not one thing." - Tsomo

"I have known him closer than many others could imagine. He taught me to temper to anger so innate to the full moon. Without his words I would not be the Garou I am today." - Griffin's Mercy

"When he speaks, others should listen." - QuietFoot

"He's got the fashion sense of Mick Foley and the personality of Lance Storm. That is not an insult, both Foley and Storm are respected mentors of their craft and are still influencing generations of talent to this day. He cares about the next era while still in his prime on the mat." -Paula Danger

"He speaks clearly about his beliefs and his conviction is followed by act. Often you can find one or the other; rarely both. He is the remembrance of traditions too many seem willing to let go. I will never doubt his devotion to Gaia." -Alistair Cross

"A capable leader. We have much to bond over, but just as many points of disagreement that we can both put aside for the good of the sept. Still, remind me to tell you how I got him drunk one time, in homid." -Yiayia

"Living proof that an athro still has as much to learn as anyone else. But he's smart enough that I know one day he will understand what I am doing and the need for the nation to learn the lesson." -Memento Mori

"I don't like Red Talons. They use tradition and history as stand in words to justify their bigotry, unwillingness to change, and to sidestep the wrongs they've committed in the past. Like so many others of his tribe he presents a veneer of wisdom and civility but underneath he's no different than the others." -Catalin Corbeanu

"Any time a hot topic comes across the tapestry, I eagerly anticipate Dusky's hot take. He speaks truth to power in a way few Galliards comprehend, and even fewer utilize." - Morena's Lament

"Now, now, we might find what he has to say vile, but really, the poor thing's to be pitied, for what Galliard could have been so negligently raised that he rages against words? Up is down, down is up, and I'd like to have my own words with whoever mentored this unfortunate pup." - 'Spector

  • "I retract the worst of my venom. Duskcaller's willingness to place Gaia's will above his own ego marks him as unusual among Shifters, and worthy of respect."
  • "Would you marry me?"

"Duskcaller is a few nukes short of a genocide. Careful talking to him; he's surprisingly persuasive and if you're not careful, you'll find yourself agreeing with his positions; and if you're not careful when you agree with his positions, you'll also find yourself agreeing with his methods. That's a slippery goddamn slope indeed." - Hank Perches

A Collection of Tales

"Through the Winter" - a Story of Wisdom

"The Embrace" - a Story of Glory

OOC Information

Player: Patrick C.

Player Email: kaoticrequiem@gmail.com

Storyteller: Ami L.

Storyteller Email: sfgarou@gmail.com

Location: San Francisco