Dust to Dust in Glynllifon

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Allow me your attention and hear of a battle fought against the Wyrm in the Sept of the Oak Vale. For I am Naomi O’Mannion, Adren, Bitten of the Fianna, Talesinger of that same Sept.

This is a tale of battle on the 6th of September 2017 and witnessed with my own eyes. This short but glorious tale of victory over the Wyrm by the following Warriors:

Grey Fur - Adren, Fianna, Ahroun, Wyrmfoe of Oak Vale of the Nation. The leader of this night’s Battle.
Valhalla's Mercy - Athro, Get of Fenris, Galliard of the Nation, Sept Leader of Oak Vale.
Amasis Sabry - Adren, Silver Fang, Ahroun of the Nation, Sept of the Gathering Tides.
Starbucks - Cliath, Silent Strider, Ragabash of the Nation, Sept of the Gathering Tides.
Razortooth - Athro, Ahroun, Squamous Rokea


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‘Dust to Dust in Glynllifon’

All travelling having tracked their prey to Glynllifon, an old estate which belonged to the Lords Newborough, near the village of Llandwrog on the main A499 road between Pwllheli and Caernarfon in Gwynedd, Wales. Gathering for planning off a main road outside the drive up to the grand wyrm estate. All hunters ready to investigate and kill when finding the Taint inside. The informational lead was given by Iris-new-cub after seeing wyrm signs on the side of bikers riding along darkened roads. At least 9 bikers were reported but not known exactly what type of wyrm they represented.

Seen aglow in the distance the windows shine their corrupted signs, visible wyrm marks on the front of the house gates secretly hidden confirm the hunters’ target is close.

The Wyrmfoe, Grey Fur, Adren of the Fianna, looked up at the risen Full Moon and bared his fang grinning for his creation sign and decreed his plan. All of us in witness knowing that he longs to make his howl of greeting but for the surprise, he wishes to keep. “Time is of the essence. Moon is up. Find them, attack them, interrogate them". Then his strong lupus form streaks across the shadows, hidden from the light across the manicured expanse of green to enter the surrounding trees for cover. His urgency and glorious energy leaving his support far behind he leads the battle directly to the enemy door. Hurrying to catch up to the speed of his departing shape, the rest of Gaia’s Warriors here this night, follow.

Wisely understanding the markings of the wyrm taint, Valhalla's Mercy, Get of Fenris and Sept Leader of the local Oak Vale Sept moving slowly forward looking for the best advantage to approach, but seeing no easy path of darkness to stay within. "We should come from behind them".

Razortooth of the Rokea joins his Wisdom to the whispered debate. "Behind? They'll be looking in every direction...So it'll be belly crawl then charge and hope to take them by surprise."

And still moving slowly but ever forward to avoid detection, Amasis Sabry of the Silver Fang gives his advice and hurried fighting tips to Starbucks and Naomi, Reads-The-Threads who move with him briefly and are experienced enough to know a good thing when they hear it from the skilled Ahroun Brawler. Amasis then spotting a different opportunity to surprise, he moves from the main attacking force.

Valhalla's Mercy speaks softly of his understanding of the situation:..."So Grey Fur and I attack from the front in Lupus form?"

Razortooth counters... "More out of ambush would be the wisest idea." At which he begins fanning apart with his final quiet approach so if seen does not betray the presence of the rest of the stealth moving Gaians.

“GGRROOWWLL”. A large growl and a thudding echo kill the silent night. All but one look towards the cause of the sound.

Grey Fur having by now already stealthy made his way to reach his intended target, that of the obstructing blocking heavy door he pauses not at all and his huge maw and fangs attack. He can be seen gnashing and gnawing, eating his way through the wooden door in seconds like it is made of butter. Showing he is Ahroun and not Ragabash should anyone even consider it a possibility.

“Hmm I don’t think we have surprise anymore!” someone says… ...another voice "If you can get the first strike you can probably take them down."

"Whilst we're still talking, Grey Fur is at their door!" Valhalla's Mercy then runs forward into the glory of the fight. Starbucks melts from view going in the same direction.

We see four of the pretend humans come down the stairs in their biker jackets. Grey Fur looking up as he has finished his door snack. He dashes forward with his attack not waiting or delaying yet again. Razortooth joining the battle almost as soon. Valhalla's Mercy punches the face of another, but he seems made of granite not budging. Starbucks and I tag team another, eventually taking out the superior foe as a team.

Join in our delight at the attack Brothers and Sisters. Revel with us as we relive our teeth biting and ripping the flesh of the WYRM.

Feel your blood rush in your body at doing what is our born duty!

Push past the tattered remains of the door with a Grey Fur sized hole in it. See the limbs of the Wyrm servants start to fall to the floor, bursting into a shower of dust.

The cold spray of blood from the walking dead leeches matting on your fur. Dodge the blow aimed at your own hyde. See the distraction of the wyrm-used motorcycles thrown through wall and window, not once, not twice but thrice... launched in the air by Amasis’ strong arms so keeping reinforcements away. Cowardly, never showing us their faces as we rip apart those thinking themselves worthy of facing us.

Worse yet, one standing on the stair behind his guards aloof in his arrogance, perhaps their leader speaks his taunt "These lot of werewolves fight better than the last lot we killed around here."

Rage building Grey Fur and Razortooth shift to a more glorious fighting form to pummel out their vengeance into the flesh of their current targets.

Inflamed by the words Valhalla's Mercy shows not the meaning of his name but leaps over the front battle as he too shifts for War. Showing justice with his savage bite into the body of the speaker. Then the speaker is hidden from view behind the massive forms of our valiant fighters, so much ichor it is unclear as to which claw or fang finally brings down the Wyrm creature and its ash is trampled underfoot. Amasis howls out our victory and he drops his flame to the fuel of the crumpled bikes turning them into a wall of blazing fire.

Starbucks kicks at the ashes "What are those things?" Replying gleefully "dead"... someone else says. As we prepare to search for the other creatures of the house, Cockroach spirit appears warning us to “Get out. NOW!." to “RUN”! it says as we finally understand its meaning.

Razortooth looking at the wind scattered ash of our fully dead foes. "Lampreys... Only four, this must be a trap..." He shifts down to a smaller form as there is only so much of a 10-foot tall shark form that can fit through even a smashed-in door at once.

This, for now, is the end of Dust to Dust in Glynllifon but mark me, we will return to finish them all another time.

Naomi "Reads the Threads" O'Mannion
Fianna Galliard Adren
Talesinger of the Sept of the Oak Vale


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OOC: Craft 5 Author if you are reading the tale.

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